Dracula XEdit

Proprietor of the evil and origin of all wickedness in the world. Believed to be about 800 years old. Cruel and heartless, he at the same time possesses refinement and grace that would be expected only of nobility.

Symphony of the NightEdit

He has been known by many names through the ages but no matter what you choose to call him, one truth remains he is the embodiment of all that is dark and evil. He is father of Alucard and master of Castlevania the dark castle steeped in terror and black magic. It is said to appear on the human plane of existence once every 100 years. Though Richter destroyed Castlevania and its evil landlord five years ago it has reappeared without warning.

Dracula X ChroniclesEdit

Dracula from Dracula X Chronicles

Lord and master of Castlevania, and the root of all evil. Though unparalleled in his cruelty, he maintains a regal air of elegance and grandeur.

Alucard's father, lord of the cursed Castlevania, said to reappear once every 100 years, though count and castle alike were destroyed by Richter Belmont 5 years ago. Dracula stands supreme over the world's evil with his unparalled black sorcery.


The king of all demons, Dracula has been defeated countless times by Vampire Hunters, but never destroyed. He has been resurrected innumerable times by those wishing for the destruction of humanity. He is Alucard's father. Overbearing, he bends to no one's will.