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"The vampire of the dark night lives eternally with his many dark followers. He is the king, absolute evil and the most terrifying creature in existence."
— Dracula's given description in "The Arcade"

Dracula (ドラキュラ Dorakyura?) is the main antagonist in Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade. He appears in Stage 5: Royal Throne Room.

In this game, Dracula attacks by floating around the room and casting fireballs with his hands or from within his cape. He is able to teleport away and summon armor knights to pursue the player, or reappear in close proximity to the player and attack them with his hands.

Once his HP is depleted, Dracula transforms into his demonic form, which is faster and much more resilient. While in this form, he can teleport, turn into a wolf or a swarm of bats, cast a rain of fireballs upon the player, and cast a giant ball of dark energy that closely resembles the Demonic Megiddo he could cast on Castlevania Judgment, which the player must destroy before contact lest they sustain heavy damage.

Once Dracula is defeated, he burns away in blue fire and dies, returning peace to the land.

Dracula also appears on the secret ending along with Little Witch, on a parody of Tokimeki Memorial.

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