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Dracula is the main antagonist from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, and the current Dark Lord. In 1820, Dracula was banished and sealed away by Morris Baldwin. Ten years later, his servant Camilla plotted to revive him in order to unite the forces of darkness.[2]

Circle of the Moon timeline

This Dracula is different from the traditional Dracula, as the game he appears in was intended by the developers to take place in a different continuity from other games in the franchise released at that time. [3] However, he shares a lot of similarities with these other characters.


In 1820, Dracula was sealed away by Morris Baldwin and two other vampires hunters, a man and a woman. Morris managed to survive while these two hunters perished, so he decided to raise their son under his wing as prosperity was secured for the time being.

Ten years later, however, the vampire Camilla plotted the resurrection of Dracula. She prepared a ritual in an old Austrian castle that would break the seal that was put on her master. After Morris received word of this, he rushed to Camilla's castle along with his two apprentices, Nathan Graves and Hugh Baldwin, where he would confront the newly risen Dark Lord. Dracula immediately recognized Morris as the one who had put an end to him ten years prior and separated Hugh and Nathan from him by plunging them into the deep caverns underneath the castle. Dracula then planned to drain Morris' life in order to regain his full power, but had to wait until the moon was full for the rite to be completed. Sensing Hugh's inner insecurities over being passed over, he also proceeded to possess the latter.

Nathan, who was determined to save his master, reached the Ceremonial Room in time and was able to rescue the old vampire hunter, defeating the Dark Lord in battle, although Dracula retreated to a dark realm in order to quickly regain his strength. Hugh quickly took his father away while Nathan stayed to confront Dracula in this dark realm. When the battle was over, Nathan rose victorious. Before fading away, however, Dracula told Nathan that the latter's victory was meaningless since he'll only continue reviving himself so long as darkness and desire were present in humanity, with Nathan retorting that they'll be there to stop him regardless.

Enemy Data

Dracula ドラキュラ Dorakyura 1,100 150,000
ATK DEF Location
805 850 Ceremonial Room
Common Drop Rare Drop
- -
Resistance Darkness

Dracula [Second Form] ドラキュラ Dorakyura 3,000 -
ATK DEF Location
1,000 1,000 Sealed Room
Common Drop Rare Drop
- -
Resistance -


  1. It is unknown if Dracula is truly dead at the end of the game, as no other one was released in this timeline, although he implies that he'll ultimately return in the future before fading away.
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