Draculina is an enemy in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. This female vampire feasts on the blood of intruders.


Draculina is one of the three types of lady bats under Dracula's command, along with the Werebat and Lilith. She is a female vampire and appears as a winged demoness who commands a bat to aid her in battle.

Draculina attacks by taking flight as soon as she notices an enemy and then tries to swipe at them with her clawed feet or by commanding the bat to attack. The bat also provides her some protection, as it will keep on flying around her, making it more difficult to get near her to attack. If the bat is killed first, she will be unprotected for a short time until she summons another one.

Draculina appears to be the most loyal of Dracula's servants. If her own name is not evidence enough, when killed, she will use her last ounce of strength to plead in agony for her master ("Lord Dracula!").

Enemy DataEdit

79 Draculina 266 66
Tolerance Weakness
Darkness Slash, Flame, Light, Stone
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Library Crepes Suzette (5%), Stephanie (2%) 170 2
Description "This female vampire feasts on the blood of intruders."

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