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"Hear me out, Saint Germain-- what if I just killed you here, drank all your blood, and did your plan myself?"
— Dragan in "You Must Sacrifice"

Dragan (ドラガン Doragan?) is a character in the Castlevania animated series.

He was voiced by Matthew Waterson in the English version of the show.


Dragan has a storied history, carrying out hundreds of ambushes and slaying thousands.

After Dracula's death and the deaths of his Generals, it seems like Dragan had managed to successfully take over leadership over their armies and courts. This is seen during his siege against Dracula's Castle and Alucard's village, where his vampire army was shown to wear Japanese, Indian and various European based armors and weapons. His army also consisted of the remnants of Dracula's own personal soldiers as well.

Dragan was also shown to have recruited at least four vampire witches/magicians into his armies services to create the body vessel for the Rebis, in order to assist in Saint Germain's plan.


As one of the mightiest vampire lords, Dragan is violent and prideful. He is driven to resurrect Dracula even if it means following the orders of Saint Germain. Like many vampires, he looks down on humans and would gladly kill them if they are not useful.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Supernatural strength: Dragan is immensely strong, even among vampires. He is one of the very few who could stand his ground before Alucard, Trevor and Sypha single-handedly. Dragan was able to tear off one of his arms with his other arm effortlessly.
  • Supernatural endurance: Dragan was able to take blows that would kill other vampires and lost an arm in combat without hesitation. It took a combined mighty blow from Alucard and Sypha to kill him.
  • Master martial artist: Dragan is a master martial artist, able to duel evenly with the strongest fighters. He wields a dual mace chain staff with great skill. He is able to hold three master martial artists at bay with his weapon.
  • Vampire General: Dragan leads a powerful army of vampires and night creatures. His army includes a sizable number of talented warriors and lethal monsters.
  • Flight: Dragan has the ability to produce bat-like wings and can use them to fly or for superior agility during combat.


Season 4
4-01. Murder Wakes It Up
4-02. Having the World
4-03. Walk Away
4-04. You Must Sacrifice
4-05. Back in the World
4-06. You Don't Deserve My Blood
4-07. The Great Work
4-08. Death Magic
4-09. The Endings
4-10. It's Been a Strange Ride


Saint Germain: Oh, Dragan, feared Dragan, storied Dragan of a hundred ambushes and a thousand dead... yeah, you could absolutely kill me right here, but you cannot enact my plan, because you don't have the skills or the wit. (Saint Germain slaps Dragan) Shut up. You sound like a cow farting. Do you want your precious Dracula back or not?
Dragan: Yes.
Saint Germain: Then get back in your *** pram. You can't do this without me. Obey my instructions.
- Dragan: (growl) I will kill you.
- Saint Germain: Do as you're *** told! Drive them all towards Danesti. I'll do the rest. You can kill me afterwards.



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  • "Dragan" is a common male given name in the Balkan region, notably Serbia. It is noted that the origin of the European vampire craze started with a Serbian man under the name Petar Blagojević, which is how the word vampir became one of the few Serbian words used worldwide starting the 18th century.