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For the original timeline version of this character, see Drolta Tzuentes.

"They're all going to kneel, Countess. Every single one."
— Drolta to Erzsebet in "Freedom was Sweeter"

Drolta Tzuentes (ドロテア・ツェンテス Dorotea Tsentesu?) is a character in the Netflix original animated series, Castlevania: Nocturne. She is one of the main antagonists of the first season of the show. She is a powerful, sadistic and ancient vampire who seeks the rise to power of the "Vampire Messiah", Countess Erzsebet Báthory.


Little is known about Drolta's past; all that is known is that she was once a priestess of Sekhmet (the Egyptian goddess of blood and war), implying to her immense age as a vampire.[1] Sometime later, she would meet and become enamored with Erzsebet Báthory, and later turn her loyalties to both her and Sekhmet. During her time serving Erzsebet in Russia, Drolta would assist her in her acts of cruelty; particularly in terrorizing the local humans and acquiring young girls and boys for Erzsebet to torture and kill for her nourishment and amusement. During this time, Drolta would unknowingly meet Tera and her younger sister, having raided the village their Speaker clan had temporarily settled on to help them, and successfully captured the latter for Erzsebet.

In 1792, Drolta arrived to France to make the required preparations for the upcoming arrival and rising in power of Báthory. Her job mainly consisted in organizing the land's vampire population and to carry out the required politics between all the involved factions in order to favor and empower their own position. One of her major tasks consisted in negotiating with the Abbot of the town of Machecoul to build them an army of night creatures by supplying him with fresh dead bodies, as he secretly was a Forgemaster.

The night of Báthory's arrival eventually came, and shortly afterward the vampire queen put her main plan into motion by using a solar eclipse with the intention of perpetuating an eternal night and with this let all the vampires roam free. Drolta's manifestation of this new power was by transforming into a flying succubus-like creature with fiery hair and with vastly increased abilities. She fended off Richter Belmont and his allies at the abbey when they were attempting to rescue their friend, Maria Renard from their grasp. Maria's mother, Tera, proposed Báthory to take her instead and to let her daughter leave, to which the vampire queen agreed. In spite of this, Drolta still gave pursuit to Richter and the others on the nearby hills while they were still fleeing. However, when she was about to deal the first strike, she was unexpectedly pierced from the back by the blade of a sword and died. This blade belonged to none other than Alucard, the son of Dracula, who had apparently been looking for Richter with the intent to help against the evil at work.


Drolta is a tall, dark-skinned woman with ample muscle and pointy ears. She has large and curly black hair with pink ends, and pink eyes with black sclera. She often wears black clothing and a pair of large, pin-like earrings. Drolta also has an extensive wardrobe of eclectic outfits.


Drolta is a cunning woman thirsty for power and with a sadistic genius that has no limits. As Báthory's most loyal and presumably oldest servant, Drolta is extremely comfortable in her power and influence and acts much like her mistress. She is haughty and acts above all others, humans and vampires alike, due to her close association to Erzsebet, as well as her own eminence. Her devotion to the vampire queen and her goals alludes to her previous role as a priestess for Sekhmet, thus she carries herself with an air of dignified superiority. As Erzsebet's shadow, Drolta acts as her emissary amongst human and vampire society, being intolerant of those who dare to disrespect her "goddess". As shown from her talk with Olrox, Drolta expanded more upon her faith and belief in Erzsebet, having shown some of the wisdom she garnered during her long life as a vampire, as portrayed where and when she stated her disdain in the foolishness humans repeated throughout the ages in their shifting changes toward their religion, culture and beliefs, as well as of her own belief that, in the end, ultimately only she and her kind endure the passage of time.

Drolta has particularly violent tendencies, even for vampires. Having no problem slaughtering humans in public, should she desire it, as well as shrieking and cackling whenever she's in battle. Although as she later explains to Olrox, she understands that she needs to keep on the good side of the human aristocracy in order to complete Erzsebet's plans. While she is more cordial with other vampires, she will still flex her authority around them if she suspects they aren't loyal to Erzsebet, such as when she scolds Olrox for not bowing to her mistress when told. Tzuentes is also shown to be very observant, possessing a sharp wit and a keen eye. Her being the first to connect the dots before bringing up the notion of having the head of the Abbotcy offer something irreplaceable to her lady as a show of subservience. All so as to assure his loyalties indefinitely. Finding that the best and quickest way to do so, would be in offering up his, beforehand deduced, offspring; Maria, as as sacrificial forbearing.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Vampire physiology: As a vampire, Drolta possesses many similar abilities to her brethren.
    • Succubus-like form: Drolta can turn into a succubus-like form, giving her fiery pink long hair, a large pair of bat wings, big black horns, a demonic tail with a pink fire tip and pitch black thorns. This form allows her to fly and increase her strength, speed and agility.
      • Flight: Through her succubus-like form, she is able to fly at impressive speeds and is very agile while doing so.
        • Wingblade protrusion: The lining of her wings can reach up to incredible distances to rip through stone and wood with relative ease.
      • Claw extension: Drolta's succubus form can hyper extend its fingernails to incredible lengths to skewer and perforate foes over a long distance.
    • Immortality: Drolta has lived for hundreds of year, back to the time of ancient Egypt.


Season 1
1-01. A Common Enemy in Evil
1-02. Horror Beyond Nightmares
1-03. Freedom was Sweeter
1-04. Horrors Rising from the Earth
1-05. The Natural Order
1-06. Guilty Men to be Judged
1-07. Blood is the Only Way
1-08. Devourer of Light


  • This is Paris, is it? What a dump. (arriving to France in "Horror Beyond Nightmares")
  • "I'm a representative too, of the Messiah. [...] Not that Messiah. The real one."
Drolta: "To the one before whom evil trembles.
Vaublanc: "I give my devotion."
Drolta: "To the Devourer of Light, the Messiah."
Vaublanc: "I pledge my service, forever."
— ("Freedom was Sweeter")
  • You were praying, how sweet. What a pretty church.
  • Oh, it takes more than the house of God to cause me to combust, if that's what you mean. ("Horrors Rising from the Earth")
  • "Oh. Did you think we were flirting? It know it's all about sex with you priests, but, believe you really shouldn't tempt me on that score. You wouldn't like it. Every orifice I possess has teeth." ("Horrors Rising from the Earth")
  • I was a priestess of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war and vengeance. I remember the smell of mortal bodies on festival days. The incense, the fervor of revelers, the feeling of touching the immortal. ("The Natural Order")
  • "Everyone has a weakness. Priests. Dragons."("Blood is the Only Way")
  • Oh, look. The little girl and the boy who ran away. ("Devourer of Light")
Abbot Emmanuel: "You're not going to let them go, are you?"
Drolta: "They're revolutionaries, Father. We're here to crush them. I thought we agreed about that."
— (Drolta's last line before her death in "Devourer of Light")



Concept art[]



  • Drolta's physical appearance seems to be based on her voice actress, Elarica Johnson.
  • Drolta is sometimes seen walking with an unorthodox style where she lowers her head, pushes her shoulders forward, clenches her fists, and gives big waddling steps. This possibly is a hint to her enhanced form, where she turns into a succubus-like creature.
  • During the final episodes of the first season of the series, Drolta can be seen wearing a black headpiece with demon-like horns. When she is about to transform into her succubus-like form, she removes this headpiece and grows similar horns of her own, although much larger.
  • In the final episode, "Devourer of Light", already in her succubus-like form, Drolta performs an attack where she enlarges the fingers on her wings and uses them as piercing blades; this attack is the same one used by the Succubus in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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  1. "I was a priestess of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war and vengeance." - Drolta in "The Natural Order".

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