DSS Combinations are powerful abilities Nathan Graves can use in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon with the Dual Set-Up System. Each combination requires an Action Card and an Attribute Card. The following is a list of effects of all 100 possible combinations possible.



These consist of imbuing the Hunter Whip with elemental power.


Most of Venus's effects increase Nathan's base statistics.


Jupiter Combinations tend to produce some kind of defensive power, most often a shield of the chosen element.


All of the Mars effects change the Hunter Whip into a different element-infused weapon. Note that while any of the following card combinations are in effect, Nathan may not brandish his whip if the attack button is held down.


Each of Diana combinations produces a projectile of the corresponding element when the whip is swung.


Apollo combinations allow the use of a special attack by pressing ↓ ←(→) ↑ + [Attack].


All of Neptune's abilities involve taking a specific kind of elemental damage. It will restore health, but drain MP. For the description to appear in the DSS menu, you must be struck with the corresponding elemental damage. If you run out of MP, the spell's effect ends.


All of these Saturn combinations summon a familiar who attacks in different manners. Some attack automatically, and some attack in tandem.


Uranus combinations call the avatars of the elements themselves, usually causing damage to all enemies onscreen then disappearing. They are summoned by pressing ↓ ←(→) ↑ + [Attack]. Nathan is invincible during the summoning.


All of Pluto combinations effects are a melting pot of random abilities. There's no common theme here.


  • The STR bonus or penalty from the DSS system will not affect Nathan's sub-weapon damage.
  • Due to its activation process, changing DSS before complete activation will allow Nathan to use the new combination without disabling its effect. Therefore, Nathan will be able to use all DSS combinations once he get one Action Card and one Attribute Card.
  • Since DSS cannot be deactivated during summoning, changing the combination into the one with STR bonus such as "Mars + Black Dog" can be used to increase the power of the summon. Using this method will deactivate the DSS once the summoning is finished.
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