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Ebony Stone

The Ebony Stone was the second greatest treasure of the vampires, along with the Crimson Stone. It granted a variety of supernatural powers to its possessor. It was possessed by the Vampire Lord, Walter Bernhard.


It's unknown when or how the stone was created, but it is said to have been created with alchemy and as an accidental biproduct of attempts to create the Philosopher's Stone. It's said to have been lost some time after its creation along with the Crimson Stone. Its first recorded appearance since its creation took place during the 11th century in Europe, where it was seen in possession of the Vampire Lord, Walter Bernhard. He would use these powers to aid him in battle, one of which was against his former ally, Joachim Armster, whom he defeated and sealed away in the depths of his castle. With the Ebony Stone in his possession, Walter was able to rule over the Forest of Eternal Night for centuries within his castle.

At some point, Walter would meet a military strategist named Mathias Cronqvist. Cronqvist tricked Walter into believing that the Ebony Stone would allow him control over death. In 1094, the stone would be seen for the last time, when Walter used it during his battle against the former Crusade soldier and longtime friend of Mathias, Leon Belmont, when the latter broke into his castle to kill him to avenge the abduction, turning and eventual death of his fiancée, Sara Trantoul.

In order to even the odds against Walter's superior powers, Leon procured himself with the Vampire Killer, a whip created by the wise alchemist Rinaldo Gandolfi, and which could only attain its full power by infusing Sara's soul within it. It was thanks to this powerful weapon that Leon was able to surpass the powers of the Ebony Stone and ultimately defeat Walter, seemingly shattering the stone in the process or otherwise severing the link between it and Walter.

However, unknown to everyone, this was exactly what Mathias had planned from the beginning, as then he was able to trap Walter's soul and with it create the even more powerful Crimson Stone, a plan he had devised alongside Death. Unfortunately, attaining such powers wouldn't come without a high cost, and Mathias had to renounce to his humanity and be turned into a vampire.

Leon and Mathias had one final exchange after this tragic event, where Mathias offered his former friend to join him and together undo the wrongs God had done to both of them, but Leon refused. Surprised by this unexpected response, Mathias fled the castle and ordered his new servant, Death, to deal with Leon. Leon also prevailed in this battle, though, and told Death to give one final message to Mathias, in which he swore that from that day on, both his whip and his kinsmen would destroy him someday.

It's unclear if the Ebony Stone was truly destroyed in the fight between Leon and Walter, or if it was obtained by Mathias afterward.


Both in various artworks and in-game, the stone appears as a black glass-like or obsidian gem within a pendant around Walter's neck.

Powers and capabilities

  • Invulnerability: The stone grants a form of invulnerability to its bearer, making that virtually nothing can stand a chance of actually damaging them. It took destroying the stone itself to render Walter vulnerable to damage by subsequent attacks, and even then, only the Vampire Killer proved powerful enough for the task.
  • Shroud of Night: Probably the stone's most useful power for a vampire, as it seemingly allows the possessor to enshroud their domain in an eternal night and therefore negating any concerns of sunlight.

Other potential powers

Other abilities the Ebony Stone may grant, but that are unconfirmed if they're actually given by it:

  • Anger fist: Walter can channel his anger into a lunge, augmented by his vampiric strength, capable of dealing heavy damage.
  • Dark powers: Walter has control over various dark powers, such as control over demons, Hellfire, Dark Inferno, and other abilities.
  • Metamorphosis: During his most powerful attack, Walter transforms into a demon-like creature, implying that he has the ability to shapeshift.
  • Teleportation: Walter had the ability to teleport at will.


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