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This page is about the organization. For the stage, see Ecclesia.
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"The Ecclesia Clan was created for the purpose of eradicating Dracula. To this end, they research glyphs and other magical techniques."
— In-game description

Ecclesia is an organization in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.


Ecclesia is one of many organizations founded in the 19th century with the objective of opposing Dracula. It was founded and led by Barlowe, who had come into possession of the remains of Dracula's soul. He is the creator of Dominus, the glyph said to be able to defeat Dracula once and for all. Albus was the Chief Researcher of this organization prior to his defection.

After Barlowe's betrayal and Albus's death, it is unknown if the organization was either disbanded or if its remaining members were absorbed into other groups. By the early 20th century, information on Ecclesia is scarce. In Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, Charlotte Aulin states she has never heard of it in her lifetime of study, and Shanoa suspects the remaining elders of the organization deliberately buried its history due to Barlowe's true intentions for the glyphs being to resurrect Dracula. Seward confirms that Elgos only recently had learned of the group's existence.

Known members[]


  • The name "Ecclesia" may refer to a Church, or more specifically, an orthodox Christian Church, as εκκλησία (pronounced ecc-le-se-a) in Greek means "church".
  • Ecclesia was referenced in Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls when Elgos's backstory came up. Ironically, Elgos also ended up undergoing a similar fate to Ecclesia of being taken over by Dracula's forces by the time of the game.
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