The Elder is a character in the Netflix original series, Castlevania.

The Elder is the head of the Speakers and the grandfather of Sypha. He was saved by Trevor from two priests who tried to kill him and welcomed him in the Speakers' hut. He asked Trevor to save his grandchild and would in return ask the Speakers to leave the town before the agents of the Church came for them. He is last seen safely hiding in the catacombs beneath Gresit.

He is voiced by Tony Amendola in the English version of the show.


The Speaker Elder is a kind-hearted man who holds true to the belief that Speakers cannot turn their backs on those in need, even if they are endangered by doing so. Like many of his fellow Speakers, he is idealistic but is the most pragmatic. One example is his acceptance of Trevor's decision to fight off his attackers, while many of his fellow Speakers believe that conflict can always be solved without violence. Even so, the Elder still holds true to Speaker beliefs, including that history should be spoken and not written down; "History is living, paper is dead", as he would say. He is a man of conviction, willing to aid the citizens of Wallachia and, personally, do no harm even in the face of death.

The Speaker Elder is, appropriately, a master orator. He speaks honestly, in a polite manner, and can easily stay grounded in the truth of any situation. A good example being when he tried to correct a threatening priest, the priest said: "are you talking back to me!?", the Elder calmly replied: "No, I am merely speaking to you."

The Elder is very frank and honest in expressing his views even in delicate situations. He was unafraid to question and debate with Trevor regarding his views and excommunication. Given his wisdom and honest manner of speaking, he was able to help Trevor reflect on his own views.

The Elder deeply loves his granddaughter, Sypha, and shares a deep mutual respect with this fellow Speakers.


Season 1Edit

Season 1
101. Witchbottle
102. Necropolis
103. Labyrinth
104. Monument

Season 2Edit

Season 2
201. War Council
202. Old Homes
203. Shadow Battles
204. Broken Mast
205. Last Spell
206. The River
207. For Love
208. End Times

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