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Elisabetha Cronqvist (エリザベータ・クロンクビスト Erizabēta Kuronkubisuto?) was the beloved wife of Mathias. Her tragic death plunged him into a terrible and deep melancholy, so painful that he would stay confined to his quarters, without any direct contact with others outside his room.


After the sudden death of Elisabetha, Mathias would become scarred for life. This bitter experience changed his worldview and his own existence, which caused him to declare war against God and become the vampire who would eventually become known as Count Dracula.


  • It's possible that Elisabetha could have been based on Elizabeth of Celje, the first wife of Matthias Corvinus, the inspiration for Mathias Cronqvist.
  • Her name is similar to "Elisabeta", which was the name of Dracula's dead lover from the 1992 film adaptation of the original novel, Bram Stoker's Dracula. Both of these women died, causing Dracula to forsake God and become a vampire.
    • It should also be noted that "Elisabetha" contains the name "Lisa", who was also coined as Castlevania Dracula's wife and the mother of Alucard. The only notable difference between Elisabeta in the 1992 film and in the Castlevania franchise is that the former died from committing suicide due to believing her husband to have died during the Crusades (with her being condemned to Hell due to Catholic beliefs on how those who commit suicide cannot be allowed to enter Heaven), while the latter died from an unspecified illness.
  • The introduction of Elisabetha creates a continuity problem in the Castlevania series. Symphony of the Night had established in its instruction booklet that Lisa was "the only woman Dracula ever loved". The booklet made it clear that Dracula is 800 years old in 1797, while Alucard is 400. This means Alucard was born around 1400 and it's generally assumed that it was Lisa's death which caused Dracula to begin his war on humanity (this ties in with Dracula's first battle against the Belmont Clan, taking place in 1476 against Trevor). However, Lament of Innocence reveals that Dracula initially turned against God in 1094, after Elisabetha died, and there's no sign of Alucard in Lament of Innocence. It would appear that Mathias Cronqvist was married to Elisabetha in the late 11th century, then became Dracula and later fell in love with Lisa, technically making Lisa the only woman "Dracula" ever loved. However, this might also be linked to the speculation that Lisa is the reincarnation of Elisabetha. Being the same woman, it would make sense that Lisa would be the only woman Dracula ever loved.

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