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Then Ensnared Demon is a relic acquired in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.


"When in the 15th century a group of strange scholars presented the prototype for the first steam engine, it seemed impossible to explain how they could have invented such a sophisticated machine with the existing tools and knowledge. It would have been impossible, except that its framework did not hide human technology but rather a complex mechanism fed by the magical energy of a demon trapped in its core."


The relic places Dracula in an identical state to that used at the start of the game and in the Satan fight at the end of the first game: the magic bars do not remain completely filled, but will automatically refill themselves rapidly if a power is not being used. This makes the relic exceptionally powerful, especially in combination with the Chaos power Exploding Earthquake; this combination will make short work of virtually any enemy in the game. If a magic meter is run down to zero, Dracula will still switch to the whip as if he had run out of magic.

When the timer for the relic expires, the magic bars will be totally emptied, no matter what was in them before.

Item Data

Item Data: Ensnared Demon
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Ensnared Demon Icon.png Ensnared Demon - Lords of Shadow 2, Revelations (DLC) [edit]
A complex mechanism fed by the magical energy of a demon trapped in its core. (...) Secondary Weapon (Relic)
Dracula, Alucard 
Sequence: With the Ensnared Demon selected, press and hold [Secondary Weapon] to use it.
Ensnared Demon - Lords of Shadow 2 [edit]
The energy of the Ensnared Demon constantly regenerates the Chaos and Void Magic for a limited time. When its influence finishes, the host's magic reserve is depleted. Activating the Ensnared Demon will cancel any other timed relic in use. Skill (Secondary Weapon)
Dracula, Alucard 
Sequence: Ensnared Demon selected: Hold [Secondary Weapon]




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