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"Witness the might of the Alucard Spear!"
— Eric Lecarde, in Castlevania: Judgment

Eric appears as a young effeminate boy with blond hair in a ponytail dressed in a formal outfit in the 3D Wii fighter game Castlevania: Judgment. He is armed with his traditional Alucard Spear. Oddly enough, he is the only character to not have any metal on his outfit whatsoever. His theme is "Iron Blue Intention", from both Castlevania Bloodlines and Portrait of Ruin.

Not content with his bestowed destiny, Eric's goal during his quest in the time rift is to prove (mostly to himself) that the Alucard Spear can be more than just a supplement to the Vampire Killer whip. To accomplish his goal, Eric challenges Alucard, the spear's original creator, the legendary Trevor Belmont, and even Maria, whose powers are perceived to surpass the whip's power. Through systematic victories over his opponents, Eric becomes confident enough that both the power of the spear and his own skill are a match even for the likes of Dracula.

Official Background

Eric is from the Lecarde family, which inherited the blood of the Belmont Clan, but not the Vampire Killer whip. During an age when the Belmonts fell out of existence, he was found by Alucard and entrusted with the "Alucard Spear." his true power hasn't yet been awakened, but he combines amazing natural talents for both combat and magic. A nobleman, he's a bit arrogant.

Combo Gallery

Judgment Quotes

  • Short description: A boy entrusted with the devil's spear.
  • Before battle: "Fight me as you would a grown man. I do not want your mercy."
  • Before battle: "Witness the might of the Alucard Spear."
  • Aeon's finishing quote: "Jealousy of the whip does not excuse your arrogance of the lance."
  • After defeating Alucard: "Do you respect my lance now... or perhaps is it I you respect."
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