Template:Castlevania character Eric appears as a young effeminate boy with blond hair in a ponytail dressed in a formal outfit in the 3D Wii fighter game Castlevania: Judgment. He is armed with his traditional Alucard Spear. Oddly enough, he is the only character to not have any metal on his outfit whatsoever. His theme is "Iron Blue Intention"

Judgment Quotes

  • Short description: A boy entrusted with the devil's spear.
  • Before battle: "Fight me as you would a grown man. I do not want your mercy."
  • Before battle: "Witness the might of the Alucard Spear."
  • Aeon's finishing quote: "Jealousy of the whip does not excuse your arrogance of the lance."
  • After defeating Alucard: "Do you respect my lance now... or perhaps is it I you respect."
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