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Everybody, All Together Now is the Super Finisher attack for Maria Renard in Castlevania Judgment. Maria calls on the power of the Four Sacred Beasts declaring "Come on everybody, give me your strength", in a manner similar to the Summon Four Holy Beasts protection spell. Her owl becomes imbued with their combined strength. Maria then rushes her opponent with the caged owl, but it is too powerful and drags Maria, causing her to trip and release it. It breaks free from its cage, takes off like a jet rocket, and then dive-bombs her opponent, causing massive damage. It then lands on her head in a whimsical manner.

Item Data[]

Item Data: Everybody, All Together Now
Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Everybody, All Together Now - Judgment
  Move (Super Finisher) - Maria
Connects with caged owl. Summons the power of Four Sacred Beasts (Suzaku, Genbu, Byakko, and Seiyruu), imbuing her owl with their combined strength, which escapes its cage and dive-bombs her opponent. Sequence: Press Super Finisher button when Skill Gauge full