For the Lords of Shadow boss, see Evil Butcher (Lords of Shadow).
Not to be confused with Mad Butcher.

The Evil Butcher is an enemy in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. He loves to slice things with his well-used butcher knives.


The Evil Butcher is a tall and bulky humanoid who wears what appears to be an executioner's mask and just a few other minor leather garments. Appropriate to someone bearing such name, he can usually be encountered in the food storage of the castle.

He walks slowly and wields a large butcher knife, and once he spots a potential victim, he will hurl it straightforward and immediately spawn a replacement in his hand.

He's a bit resilient and it will usually take more than one hit to defeat him the first times he's encountered. Crouching in front of him will let the player keep clear from his knives and allow them to attack him safely, lest he gets too close and inflicts contact damage.

There are two variants, a green-skinned one who is encountered in the Study, and a pale-skinned one who is encountered later, in the Dance Hall. Other than their physical appearance, both are identical.

Gaining dominance over his soul grants Soma the Knife Throw ability, which allows him to throw the same sharpened butcher knives.

Enemy Data

Evilbutcher2 AOS-Evilbutcher
26 Evil Butcher 112 200 30
Attack Defense Tolerance Weakness Time Stop
22 15 - Sword, Poison, Curse
Location Common Drop Rare Drop Soul
Study, Dance Hall Baselard Spoiled Milk Knife Throw
Description "Loves to slice things with his well-used butcher knives."


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