The Evil Core is an enemy in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It is a core of evil made from hatred, envy, anger, and other dark emotions. It sucks the life out of anyone nearby.


The Evil Core is a hideous monstrosity resembling an unborn demonic fetus. These creatures can be found in the basement area of Garibaldi Temple, which can only be accessed after gaining the Devil-Type Innocent Devil and using its Magic Circle ability to slide under a cracked wall located in the far leftmost room of the first floor. These enemies only inhabit the long corridor that leads to Legion.

Evil Cores are surprisingly powerful. If one manages to make contact with the player, it will paralyze them and start sucking their life force by dealing continuous attacks until it detaches. Dark Crystals can be stolen from them and they very rarely drop the Miracle Egg material. This is an extremely rare drop, however, and incidents of gamers having to kill hundreds of Evil Cores just to find one of these have been reported.

They are good for leveling up young Innocent Devils, as they normally drop three Evo Crystals and are worth a lot of EXP.

Stealing guide

Evil Cores open their stealing window when attacked and also randomly on their own. However, because Steal is bound to the same button as Final Attack, most stealing attempts may chain into a final attack instead. A workaround consists in hitting them once, immediately open the menu and unequip Hector's weapon, return to the game and steal as soon as he's back on the field.

Enemy Data

No. Name JPN HP
115 Evil Core Lv.42 190
Tolerance Weakness
Wind, Earth, Dark Fire, Ice, Light
Location Drop Steal EXP
Garibaldi Temple Miracle Egg Dark Crystal 116
Description "A core of evil made from hatred, envy, anger and other dark emotions. Sucks in whomever it can."



  • Statues of giant hands holding cracked Evil Cores with a dead but more developed fetus exposed can be seen around the room where the second battle with Isaac takes place. These corpses, however, don't bear large horns like those seen on the fetuses inside living cores.
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