For the original timeline enemy, see Executioner.

The Executioner is a boss in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate. He is encountered by Trevor during his quest.


The race that would become the Executioners were once peaceful creatures, but they were enslaved by the Hunchbacks by inserting larvae into their brains and forced to work for them, yet still prone to angry outbursts.

One Executioner is encountered by Trevor on the Entrance Bridge. It is restrained by hunchbacks, who order the beast to attack Trevor, but, in a burst of rage, the creature breaks free of its restraints and kills them, and then proceeds to attack Trevor. Trevor manages to kill it, however, and proceeds onward.

Another Executioner appears in the Abandoned Mine, fighting the same way as before, with the aid of hunchbacks riding through the background on a mine cart who toss lanterns at Trevor. This Executioner is killed as well.

Enemy Data

Name HP EXP Difficulty Drop
Executioner 1,400 350 4/5 100 Magic
Throwing Axe Oil Flask Spirit of Schneider
 ???  ???  ???
Bat Projectile Boomerang Electric Bomb
 ???  ???  ???
"The hunchbacks have managed to dominate these once gentle giants by means of larvae inserted into their brains.(...)"

Encountered by: Trevor Belmont
Entrance Bridge, Abandoned Mine



  • The facial features of the Executioner bear some resemblance to those of Gergoth. Furthermore, their backstories, both being once gentle giants, are similar.
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