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For the proper enemy called "Succubus", see Succubus.
Not to be confused with Doppelganger.

Fake Sypha is a recurrent boss in the Castlevania series. She is a zombie impersonating Sypha Belnades.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Fake Sypha appears as part of the trio of bosses fought in the Reverse Colosseum, along with Fake Grant and Fake Trevor. These fakes were created to confuse Alucard, as Sypha, Grant and Trevor were Alucard's allies in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.


No. Name JPN Level HP
135 Fake Sypha Sypha Fake 42 1,000
Strong Immune Weak Absorb EXP
- - - - 1,500
Location Drop Guard
Reverse Colosseum - Life Vessel
Description "Zombie impersonating Sypha."

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (LCD handheld)

Fake Sypha appears once again in this LCD handheld rendition of Symphony of the Night, although this time she is known as the "Succubus". This was probably a misnaming error by the production team and should not be confused with the proper Succubus character and enemy appearing in other games of the series.

SLCD Succubus.JPG
Name Alt. Name HP
Succubus Fake Sypha -

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Fake Sypha once again appears with Fake Grant and Fake Trevor in the sixth floor of the Nest of Evil. She does not actively follow the player, preferring to float in midair and launch attacks from there.


  • Holy Flame - Fake Sypha launches a straight line of flames that can be avoided by staying on the ground.
  • Break - A cloud of gas is created which spreads out from underneath Sypha. The gas will petrify the player on contact.
  • Dark Wind - Fake Sypha fires a volley of purple balls that deal Dark damage.
  • Resurrect - If Fake Trevor has been killed, Fake Sypha can summon another copy of him. However, this copy is much weaker and can be killed with just one or two hits.
No. Name JPN HP
138 Fake Sypha Sypha Fake 3,200
Tolerance Weakness
Fire, Ice, Electric Slash
Location Common Drop Rare Drop EXP SP
Nest of Evil Mint Sundae - 3,000 60
Description "A zombie disguised as Sypha Belnades."

Item Data

Item Data: Fake Sypha
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Life Vessel Icon.png Life Vessel [alt] - Symphony of the Night [edit]
Increases the player's maximum HP (life) capacity. Item (standard)
Maximum HP + 5
Find: Found throughout the Castle, often in containers.
Drop: Most bosses.
Effect: Restore all life and increases Max HP
Mint Sundae PoR Icon.png Mint Sundae (Cream Soda) - Portrait of Ruin [edit]
Mint chip ice cream topped with whipped cream. Yum! Item (Food/Sweet)
Jonathan, Charlotte 
MP +100
Sell: $100 
Drop: Fake Sypha



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  1. Probably a production error. Not to be confused with the properly named Succubus enemy.
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