Fallen Knight Scrolls can be found on the corpses of fallen Brotherhood of Light knights. They are used to give information on the world of the Lords of Shadow Castlevania. Some offer hints as to what is to come or how to overcome an obstacle or puzzle. In the original Lords of Shadow, they can be retrieved any time during the stage they are found in. In Mirror of Fate, they can only be read when at the location of the corpse. In Mirror of Fate, they also grant the character who finds them experience points.


The magical scrolls carried by the Knights of the Brotherhood. Members of the Brotherhood of Light are told to carry the scrolls around with them at all times and to never part with them. The scrolls are able to reflect the thoughts of the one holding the scroll onto the very paper itself. If a knight dies, the scroll enables other brothers to learn from their mistakes to that that next knight can complete the mission more successfully.[1]

Item DataEdit

Note: For the contents of individual scrolls, please see the location page for where the individual scroll was found or pages related to the subject referred to in the scroll or its author.
Item Data: Fallen Knight Scroll
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Brotherhood Knight Scroll - Lords of Shadow [edit]
Text: Gabriel  Find: On Fallen Knight corpses throughout the game.
Fallen Knight Scroll - Mirror of Fate [edit]
These scrolls are found on fallen Knights of the Brotherhood. They give you important information and clues about your adventure. Read them carefully and take note of what they say - they will also give you experience (XP). Item
Find: Throughout the castle.
Fallen Knight Scroll - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Text: They told us to carry these magical scrolls with us at all times and to never part with them. It would seem that they are able to reflect our thoughts onto the very paper itself. If we die, they enable other brothers to learn from our mistakes, so that they may complete their mission successfully. Item
Find: Guards Room (requires Spirit of Belnades) (all)


  • In Mirror of Fate HD, it is possible to read the description of the Lost Soul on the scrolls while Simon, Alucard or Trevor reads them.


  1. Scroll inside of the Guard Room, Simon's quest in Mirror of Fate
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