Fighter Mode is an alternate mode in the Castlevania series. In this mode, all of the game's magical abilities are restricted to the player, thus emphasizing most of their offensive options to physical attacks instead, while generally compensating this handicap by increasing any stats related to physical means, such as STR and DEF.

Game specific informationEdit

Castlevania: Circle of the MoonEdit

First appearance of this mode in the series. It is unlocked by completing the game in Magician Mode and can be played by starting a new game and inputting the name "GRADIUS" (a reference to the Gradius series also made by Konami) at the Name Entry Screen.

Unlike the rest of the game's modes, Fighter Mode does not allow the use of DSS cards, thus greatly limiting Nathan's options in battle. This effectively makes the MP and Intelligence stats worthless in the long run, as DSS cards are the only way for Nathan to actively use up his MP in the game. As a result of this, the only course of action for the player is to emphasize on his physical stats.

To compensate for this, a Fighter begins the game with the following stats:

  • HP: 200 (+20 HP per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)
  • STR: 141 (+14 STR per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)
  • DEF: 200 (+20 DEF per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)
  • INT: 50 (+5 INT per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)
  • MP: 50 (+5 MP per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)

Nathan's LCK, and the amount of Hearts he starts with and gains per level up is unaffected in this mode.

In the long run, Fighter Mode is most likely the easiest of the game's modes to complete, as Nathan can withstand much more punishment compared to Normal Mode, and deals more damage with his whip and sub-weapons. The lack of magic, however, can pose a problem if HP gets low. The reason is because the only way for Nathan to heal from injuries in this mode is to use items such as Potions, or use the game's Save Points.

Castlevania: Harmony of DissonanceEdit

A variant of the Fighter Mode, colloquially called "No Magic Mode", also appears in Harmony of Dissonance. To access it, input "NO MAGIC" at the Name Entry screen.

In this mode, Juste Belmont has no access to Spell Books at all, thus relying all of his offensive means to physical attacks instead.

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