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Fire is one of the basic elemental attributes found in the Castlevania series, and one of the three main elements. In Symphony of the Night and the games that followed it, fire is strong against Ice element enemies. Many enemies in the castle are weak to fire.

Most living creatures and some undead creatures (e.g.: zombies and skeletons) are weak to fire. Since this makes up a large portion of the castle's inhabitants, fire based weapons are valuable in combat. Enemies that resist fire are fire elemental-based creatures, armored enemies (knights) and magic users. Lasers and energy beams are also fire-attributed.

In Aria of Sorrow, a fire attack is identified by its fire particle if the attack hits the target. If it's an attack to the enemies, the particle will be shown only if the enemies aren't immune to the fire element.

A fun fact is that in Portrait of Ruin, if you kill zombies, wights, ghouls or ghoul kings with fire damage, their flesh will burn and consume, turn into skeletons and continue to attack until killed.

In Grimoire of Souls, fire-based attacks have a chance to inflict the Burn status condition, which steadily drains the victim's health over time.

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