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The Floating Garden (忘却の庭園 Bōkyaku no Teien?, lit. "Forgotten Gardens") is a location and the outdoor area of the castle in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. It connects the Castle Corridor with the Clock Tower and is the only place where the portal to the Chaotic Realm can be found.

While a boss doesn't appear on the player's first visit to this area, a fight between Soma and Julius ensues here after the previously impassable black door can finally be accessed.


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  • Due to a lowered platform, it's possible to access this place without obtaining the Undine soul.
  • It's possible for Soma to go to the Arena using the Gorgon at the top left. Make sure that the Gorgon can't go to the right anymore before turning over, and ride its back. Wait for it to go to the pillar once more and walk to the right when it turns over. Soma will get stuck in the pillar and be sent upward directly into the Arena.
  • If Soma doesn't use the black door to fight Julius, the dialogue before the battle won't happen. Instead, Julius will attack him directly. Also, the music remains unchanged, so Heart of Fire will not play during the battle.
  • The post battle dialogue will use Soma's Dracula image, even if he hasn't become him.
  • The black door will be opened if Julius has been defeated, even if Soma hasn't become Dracula.
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