The Flute Player[2] (笛吹き Fue Fuki?) is a character in Castlevania Chronicles. He is a mysterious cloaked merchant who seems to possess at least some magical powers.


The Flute Player only appears once in the game, behind a breakable wall past a White Dragon in the Underground Aqueduct. He comes out of his hiding place to play his flute and offer Simon one of four items. He will magically rotate them above him, with the player only requiring to jump and attempt to strike the one they want. The Flute Player won't charge the player for this service in any way.

If none of the items offered is satisfactory, the player can strike him instead, making him display four new items. This process can be repeated until the player sees something they may have interest in or when they hit the Flute Player for the eighth time, moment when he will finally get fed up and go away, never to be seen again.


The items the Flute Player displays after each whip strike are as follows:

Strike Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
1 Dagger Big Heart Heart Red Bag
2 Axe Double Shot Big Heart Blue Bag
3 Boomerang Holy Water Cross White Bag
4 Stopwatch Meat Invisibility Ointment Big Heart
5 Dagger Triple Shot Cross Heart
6 Herb Holy Water Big Heart White Bag
7 Holy Water Boomerang Stopwatch Axe
8 Heart Heart Heart Heart


  • If the player already possesses one of the items the Flute Player would have offered, a Small Heart will appear in its place.
  • Just beyond meeting with the Flute Player comes an area which involves a rising raft with several Mermen jumping out of the water and then the area boss fight against the Skull Dragon at the top. The player should have this in mind while selecting the item they want.


  • Cryscv2
    His overall appearance resembles the traveling Gypsies from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.
  • Because of the way the player interacts with the Flute Player, he shares many similarities with Vampire Killer's Old Crone, raising the question if they are related in any way. Further reinforcing this theory is that both characters will disappear once they have been struck exactly eight times.


  1. According to the X68000 floppy disk original data, the Flautist is a male character (じじい Jijii (Old Man)).
  2. 笛吹き Fue Fuki (Flute Player, Flutist, Flautist) - Source: Konami Official Guide, page 28 and 29.
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