FlysEyes[1] is a minor character in the Castlevania animated series. He is a demon created by Isaac and one of the rare of his species to be able to talk.


In life, FlysEyes was a Greek philosopher that resided in Athens. He belonged to a group of philosophers who questioned the existence of God, to which they were persecuted by the rising Christians, who saw the practice as a sin.

Toward the end of his life, FlysEyes was betrayed and captured by the Christians, who brought him before a judge and tortured him into giving up his colleagues. Out of self-preservation, FlysEyes gave into their demands and his former friends were all captured and killed. However, the Christians killed FlysEyes anyway, and for his treachery he was sentenced to Hell.


FlysEyes was forged by Isaac as part of his army of night creatures to attack the castle of the Council of Sisters.

One night at his camp, Isaac recalls creating a demon who is capable of speech, and beckons him forward to converse with him. FlysEyes approaches and sets in front of Isaac across the campfire. Isaac inquires about FlysEyes life, to which the demon explains that he was once a Greek philosopher from Athens who was persecuted alongside other colleagues for questioning the existence of God. An affront to the rising Christians at the time.

Isaac deduces that their was more to the reason why FlysEyes was sentenced to hell. The demon then confirms this, further explaining that Christians captured and tortured him into giving up his friends, which he eventually did out of self-preservation. Despite this, FlysEyes was killed by the Christians anyway, and as punishment for his betrayal he was sentenced to Hell. He also states to Isaac that one thing he had learned from his damnation was learning to enjoy sin. He eerily thanked Isaac for giving him his second life, and that he intends to enjoy it well. At this revelation, Isaac appeared to be unsettled by it.

Following this interaction, FlysEyes, along with the rest of Isaac's night creatures, participated in the battle against the Magician and his army of magically enslaved humans.



  • FlysEyes has not been named on the show, but his name is shown in the subtitles when he speaks.
  • The "important Christian" FlysEyes talks about could be the emperor Justinian I. In 529, the latter had ordered the conversion of the philosophical schools of Athens in christian schools and prohibited all forms of thought contrary to Catholic dogma which he intended to promote.


  1. His name doesn't appear in the credits, but it appears written as such in the caption subtitles.
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