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"I was betrayed, forgemaster. I was hunted. I was tortured. I lied for my life... in a church, before a judge. I gave up others so that I may live. I became a sinner"
— Flyseyes in "The Good Dream"

Flyseyes (ハエの魔物 Hae no Mamono?, lit. "Fly Monster") is a minor character in the Castlevania animated series. He is a night creature created by Isaac and one of the rare members of his kind who is capable of talking in human speech.

He was voiced by Gildart Jackson in the English version of the show.


In life, Flyseyes was a Greek philosopher that resided in Athens. He belonged to a group of philosophers who questioned the existence of God, to which they were persecuted by the rising Christians, who saw the practice as a sin.

Toward the end of his life, Flyseyes was betrayed and captured by the Christians, who brought him before a judge and tortured him into giving up his colleagues. Flyseyes gave in to their demands out of self-preservation, and his former friends were all captured and killed. However, the Christians killed Flyseyes anyway, and for his treachery he was sentenced to Hell.


Flyseyes was forged by Isaac as part of his army of night creatures to attack the castle of the Council of Sisters.

One night at his camp, Isaac recalls creating a demon who is capable of speech and beckons him forward to converse with him. Flyseyes approaches and sets in front of Isaac across the campfire. Isaac inquires about Flyseyes life, to which the demon explains that he was once a Greek philosopher from Athens who was persecuted alongside other colleagues for questioning the existence of God - an affront to the rising Christians at the time.

Isaac deduces that there was more to the reason why Flyseyes was sentenced to Hell. The demon then confirms this, further explaining that Christians captured and tortured him into giving up his friends, which he eventually did out of self-preservation. Despite this, Flyseyes was killed by the Christians anyway, and as punishment for his betrayal, he was sentenced to Hell. He also states to Isaac that one thing he had learned from his damnation was learning to enjoy sin. He eerily thanked Isaac for giving him his second life and that he intends to enjoy it well. At this revelation, Isaac appeared to be unsettled by it.

Following this interaction, Flyseyes, along with the rest of Isaac's night creatures, participated in the battle against the Magician and his army of magically enslaved humans.

Season 4[]

While Isaac's night creatures are working to reconstruct the Magician's city, Flyseyes takes a moment to ask him why he is making the demons go against their nature, fixing and working rather than killing. Isaac offers Flyseyes a berry and explains that the night creatures are tools he can do with as he sees fit. Isaac wants to leave behind somewhere people can come and populate. Flyseyes can remember his human life when he tastes the berry, proving he's more than just a tool to Isaac.

Isaac believes that he will empty Hell, and all the damned souls will earn their penance under his command. He asks Flyseyes if their penance should be as eternal as their damnation, but neither knows the answer. Isaac wants to do more than what they were intended for, and Flyseyes notes that the Forgemaster is changing. There is more than just revenge to him now, but Isaac is always fighting for something.


Season 3
3-01. Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
3-02. The Reparation of My Heart
3-03. Investigators
3-04. I Have a Scheme
3-05. A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement
3-06. The Good Dream
3-07. Worse Things Than Betrayal
3-08. What the Night Brings
3-09. The Harvest
3-10. Abandon All Hope
Season 4
4-01. Murder Wakes It Up
4-02. Having the World
4-03. Walk Away
4-04. You Must Sacrifice
4-05. Back in the World
4-06. You Don't Deserve My Blood
4-07. The Great Work
4-08. Death Magic
4-09. The Endings
4-10. It's Been a Strange Ride


- Flyseyes: I woke up in Hell... because the world is insane. And... I learned something about sin.
- Isaac: What did you learn?
- Flyseyes: I learned... to like it.
— ("The Good Dream")
Flyseyes: I do not need to tell you what night creatures are, forgemaster.
Isaac: You can call me Isaac. Would you like a berry?
Flyseyes: Case in point. I am a night creature. I eat blood and meat.
Isaac: A berry would probably not kill you.
— ("Walk Away")


Concept art[]


  • Flyseyes wasn't named in the show, but his name initially appeared in the subtitles when he spoke, and it later officially appeared in his model sheet.
    • He is one of the two only demons to speak in the series, the first being Blue Fangs.
  • The "important Christian" Flyseyes talks about could be the emperor Cassander, as Flyseyes' story seems to be an allusion to Socrates. Around 300 BCE, the reign of Alexander the Great was coming to an end, creating a chaotic attack by all factions for the power in the country-state. The Trial of Socrates was an attempt to maintain the power the state and Greek religion, costing the life of Socrates for continued political stability of Cassander, the winner's, reign. However, despite the similarities, Flyseyes' backstory differs from Socrates' in some aspects, likely being just a reference to the historical character to enrich the narrative of the story.
  • His overall design resembles Abaddon.

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