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Western Forest
CoD HectorHector

Cod offart59Zead StgermainSaint Germain

A Squabble in the Forest
(Hector walks the forest)

Saint Germain: That is why I am telling you this.
Hector: Voices?
(Hector notices a conversation up ahead and quickly steps behind a tree)
Hector: Who could it be?
(Camera shows Saint Germain talking to Zead in the distance)
Zead: Do not go beyond your bounds! You mustn't speak nor act upon matters related to fate. You had better refrain from saying anything unsuitable.
Saint Germain: That is correct of course. But what about you? Is it not ludicrous for you to be. guiding a traveler in there circumstances?
Zead: I am merely lending assistance to one who is seeking what he already desires. It is the same with the curse.
Saint Germain: That's ridiculous. You have different rules for yourself--
Zead: This discourse is at an end.
(Zead whips his hand downward, slides out a blade from under his right sleeve, and approaches Saint Germain)
Zead: I cannot have you interfering any longer.
(Zead tries to strike Saint Germain. Saint Germain quickly teleports behind Zead. Zead looks behind him angrily and runs then strikes at him three times again, but Saint Germain quickly dodges each attack then teleports away from the third strike)
Saint Germain: I will keep returning... until the day you finally surrender.
(Saint Germain tips his hat and smiles with content then teleports away shortly before Zead strikes at him)
Zead: (angrily) No one escapes from me!
(Zead strikes the area in front of him with his blade, opens a portal with a purplish glow as the blade tears through thin air and steps through the portal as it fades behind him. Hector steps out from the back of the tree that he was hiding behind as his eyes show a look of shock)
Hector: So, those two are enemies...

(Hector curiously looks onward)


9. Curse of Darkness- Zead vs Germain

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Forest of Jigramunt
Background Music: Those Who Desire the Resurrection
When: Upon entering the Forest of Jigramunt
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