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Friedrich von Frankenstein (also spelled Von Frankenstein) is a mentioned character in the Lords of Shadow saga. He was an acclaimed scientist. He was previous owner of the Vampire Castle, the Bernhard Family castle. He used the castle to conceal his horrific experiments into artificial life.


Friedrich von Frankenstein conducted experiments into artificial life in the laboratory of the Bernhard Castle. He was quite the mad scientist and would often conduct horrific and depraved acts trying to discover the secrets of life itself. His own demise was equally gruesome. The vampire queen, Carmilla, took him but kept him alive so she could feed on him daily for centuries to come, keeping him at the brink of death, yet living and aware. Why she did this is only known to a few, though. She once loved life and, before she became a Lord of Shadow, she vowed she would punish Frankenstein for his vile acts. As a Dark Lord, she was able to keep her word.

The cruel evil genius also built a time machine before Carmilla took over the castle. The machine was based on the work of Dr. Emmet Marron. It was said to grant only temporary time travel and so could not be used for any great length of time.

Carmilla cruelly punished Frankenstein for his crimes. One such punishment was the removal of his fingers which were left lying around the castle.

Other experiments by Frankenstein — or where he left his mark on the place — were abominable corpses that were preserved inside tanks of formalin that were the product of a cross between werewolves, vampires, and humans in different states of gestation.[1]


Achievement/Trophy in which the player has to collect all of Frankenstein's fingers which are hidden around the castle. This earns the player 30Gamerscore Symbol or a Mini Silver Trophy.


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Fallen Knight Scroll - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Text: The abominable corpses that are preserved inside these tanks of formalin seem to be the product of a cross between werewolves, vampires, and humans, in different states of gestation. What diabolic experiments were they doing in this place? It's true what they say, Frankenstein's mark is upon this place forever! Item
Find: Toy Maker's Workshop (all)


  • Friedrich von Frankenstein might be a reference to Dr. Frederick Frankenstein from Mel Brooks' parody film Young Frankenstein.
  • It is only possible to find six of Friedrich's fingers while exploring the castle.
  • The Toy Maker took inspiration from some of Frankenstein's previous research. Becoming a similar servant under both Walter Bernhard and Dracula, as Friedrich was to Carmilla.
  • Friedrich's story is still left open by the end of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and it's still a mystery what happened to him (other than the torture he endured under Carmilla). He's not seen at any point during the series but only mentioned.


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