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Fulgur is the name for any Thunder-related glyph.


There are two kinds of Fulgur glyphs:

  1. One is a lightning bolt that arcs upward and then strikes down on top of the nearest enemy, which is performed with the "Vol Fulgur" glyph in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, and with the "Fulgur" glyph in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.
  2. The other is a lightning ball called Lightning Bolt, which is performed with the "Fulgur" glyph in Order of Ecclesia.

In Order of Ecclesia, when any two Fulgur glyphs are used in a glyph union, a bolt of lightning crashes down on Shanoa's position and a large ball of lightning is formed above her head. It remains in place for a few seconds and releases bolts of electricity at any enemy on the screen. When used with any normal weapon glyph, a giant lightning spear is thrust forward, hitting multiple times. Fulgur glyphs are incompatible with any other glyph.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Fulgur
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Fulgur Icon Fulgur - Order of Ecclesia [edit]
Summon a ball of lightning. Glyph
Attrib: Thunder
Consume: 25 MP 
ATK +5
Steal: Thunder Demon
Vol Fulgur Icon Vol Fulgur - Order of Ecclesia [edit]
Call forth shocking electricity. Glyph
Attrib: Thunder
Consume: 40 MP 
ATK +3
Find: Minera Prison Island
Thunder + Thunder = Union Fulgur (Union Tonitrus) - Order of Ecclesia [edit]
' Glyph Union
Attrib: Thunder
Consume: 20 Hearts 
ATK = 4×14
Effect: Giant lightning-bolt emanating lightning ball.
Notes: Fulgur is Latin for "Lightning", Tonitrus is Latin for "Thunder".
Weapon + Thunder = Iuppiter (jpn) - Order of Ecclesia [edit]
' Glyph Union
Attrib: Slash and Thunder
Consume: 15 Hearts 
ATK = 10×5
Effect: Giant lightning spear thrust.
Notes: Latin for "Jupiter".
Glyphspell HD Icon Fulgur - Harmony of Despair [edit]
Call forth shocking electricity. Hunter Skill Glyph
Attrib: Thunder
Consume: 15 MP 
ATK +5
Rarity: **
Steal: Aliorumnas
First Obtained: Chapter 4
Evolve: Level 5 and 9



  • The names of both glyphs, Fulgur and Vol Fulgur, appear to have been erroneously interchanged in the final release of Order of Ecclesia. "Vol" usually denotes a glyph of medium power, and Vol Fulgur, which is the weakest of both glyphs, can be found very early in the game, in Minera Prison Island. Fulgur, which is a medium powered electricity glyph, can only be acquired later in the game, when Shanoa reaches Tristis Pass.
    • To make more evident this possible error, in Harmony of Despair the names seem to have been corrected. Fulgur now acts like the Vol Fulgur version which appeared in Order of Ecclesia.
  • Fulgur is Latin for "lightning".
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