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Enemy Data: Garibaldi Temple
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
COD-112 112. Trevor Lv.40 (Ralph Lv.40[alt] [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness
A true Vampire Hunter and hero of the Belmont family. Agrees to lend his strength to Hector. Strong: Light
Weak: Dark
Level: 40
HP: 4700
Exp: 2220
Steal: Curry
Garibaldi Temple, Abandoned Castle
COD-148 148. Legion Lv.52  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness
A seething lump of flesh made from innumerable human sacrifices. Crushes foes with its massive weight. Strong: Dark
Weak: Light
Level: 52
HP: 6900
Exp: 0
Steal: Pizza
Garibaldi Temple
COD-149 149. Nuculais Lv.53  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness
A giant of light, born in the core of the Legion. Imperfect due to expulsion before fully formed. Strong: Light
Weak: Dark
Level: 53
HP: 8875
Exp: 5370
Drop: Crest
Steal: Napoletana
Garibaldi Temple
COD-Doppelganger Trevor Doppelganger Lv.16 (Ralph Doppelganger Lv.16) [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness
' Weak: Light
Level: 16
Drop: Crest
Garibaldi Temple
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