Gaspar Nikolovitch Totoyan is a character in the graphic novel Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy, published by IDW. He was an elder member of the Totoyan Family, who were entrusted with protecting the Vampire Killer.


The grandfather of Viktor and Pascha. On the eve of Dracula's resurrection, he returned the Vampire Killer to Christopher Belmont so that he could slay Dracula as his ancestor, Trevor, had done a century before.

Riding into the woods with Christopher, Deimos and Pascha, he left Viktor to guard Christopher's wife, Illyana, only for the boy to be turned into a vampire while protecting her from Dracula. Gaspar then allows Viktor to bite him, so that he can gain a connection with Dracula, allowing them to track him.

Despite his force of will, Gaspar fully turns into a vampire and is swiftly restrained by Pasha and Christopher, who force him to lead the group to Dracula's lair. There, he manages to escape, separating Pascha from the group and seemingly being slain by her, only to return during the final battle with Dracula.

Having somehow regained control of himself, he aids Deimos in freeing Illyana, urging them to flee before hurling himself on Pascha's sword, thanking her as he passes on with a smile.

Following the death of Dracula and Pascha's adoption into the house Belmont, Gaspar was buried alongside Viktor in the Belmont Family cemetery.

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