For the original timeline enemy, see Ghoul.

The Ghoul is an enemy in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Creatures that live off of corpses, Ghouls are living creatures descended from humans, rather than undead creatures as they are in the original series.


Despite most people believing otherwise, Ghouls are not undead creatures. In fact, their ancestors were human, but a diet of corpses and rotten flesh transformed them into horrible monsters that dwell in burial grounds and cemeteries. Ghouls usually live underground, but sometimes venture outside in small groups to scavenge for carrion. The vomit of the Ghoul is highly poisonous, but can be dispelled using Light Magic.

Gabriel first encounters Ghouls in the cemetery of Wygol Village. Both he and Zobek fight them and plug their burrows with statues. They also infest the Abbey Catacombs. Later, Gabriel encounters Ghouls in the Vampire Castle, where they were being used to clean up the remains of vampire's victims. Gabriel releases a few by ringing a bell and sneaks up into their cells in order to get into the castle's kitchen.


Ghouls are relatively easy to kill, they can be whipped at with the Combat Cross, or they can be grabbed to start a timed event. Most importantly, during several of the battles against Ghouls, statues can be pushed into their burrowing holes to prevent an unlimited number of them from spawning. In some battles this is not possible.

Ghouls that have just fed on a corpse glow yellow and have a poisonous vomit attack.


The trial for Wygol Village is to finish the level without allowing Zobek to kill a single Ghoul.

Enemy DataEdit

Name Size Difficulty Chapter
Ghoul Medium Low Chapter 5:Wygol Village, Chapter 5:Abbey Catacombs, Chapter 5:Abbey Tower, Chapter 6:Refectory, Chapter 13:Castle Hall
Silver Dagger Explosive Dagger Holy Water Flasks Divine Shield
Weak - Weak -
Fairy Light Fairy Dark Crystal
Weak - Weak
"Despite most people believing otherwise, Ghouls are not undead creatures.(...)"



  • The Ghouls in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow were heavily inspired by ghouls which appear in various stories by H. P. Lovecraft, being humans mutated from centuries of subterranean living and the consumption of carrion, while their appearance is similar to the genetically engineered Reapers that appeared in the second film of the Blade franchise.
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