"Me want to live!"
— Golem in Castlevania Judgment

Golem (ゴーレム Gōremu?) is a playable character in Castlevania Judgment.

His design seems to be a mixture of both the Golem and Frankenstein's Monster. He's revealed in his story mode that the Time rift the game takes place in has granted Golem a measure of sentience, which he uses in an attempt to make himself fully human. However, only in the rift can his sentience be maintained, and the rift would doom humanity if he remains extant; as such, Golem sacrifices his chance at humanity to help seal the rift and save mankind. After Golem mends the rift in time, he loses his sentience and becomes a mindless monster once more. Sadly, he was later destroyed by a vampire hunter. His theme is "Tower of Dolls", a song from Castlevania Chronicles.

Official backgroundEdit

The original Judgment press release profile was: An artificial human being created by Carmilla. Perhaps due to a mutation, he awakens to self-awareness. Golem seeks the meaning of being alive: An artificial humanoid created by Carmilla. The Golem's self-awareness has been awakened within the time gap, and it wants to know the meaning of its existence.

Judgment quotesEdit

  • Short description: An artificial being that has an unnatural soul.
  • Chosen: "Me angry. You...afraid!" "Who me fight??" "Me... fight now?"
  • Before fighting: "Me fight to live."
  • Before fighting: "Fighting bad. But now must fight."
  • Before fighting: "Me not made to lose."
  • Before fighting a villain: "Me not slave. Me want freedom."
  • Before fighting Carmilla: "Why you make me?"
  • Before fighting Golem: "You.... me??" "Me.... you??"
  • After winning: "Me not want to fight. Do not want."
  • After winning: "Now me think for self. Me happy."
  • After winning: "Where is place for me?"
  • After winning: "Me want to live. Why you stop me?"
  • After fighting Golem: "Me is the only me!"
  • After fighting Cornell: "Curse good. Just wanted learn curse."
  • After fighting Grant: "Love is fighting? Then me understand love."
  • After fighting Carmilla: "You say me can be human. Me want to believe." "Bye bye, mama."
  • After fighting Death: "Me soul real. Me happy."
  • After fighting Aeon: "Now me no afraid."
  • Before fighting Time Reaper: "Me protect human"
  • Thunder Beam: ME CAN'T... CONTROL IT!!!! MREEEEAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! Haaahhh.... haaaahhh,,,,

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