Grant Danasty (グラント・ダナスティ Guranto Danasuti?) is a playable character in Castlevania Judgment.

Within the storyline of this game, apparently he was in love with Sypha Belnades, but after seeing her married to Trevor Belmont, he did not attend their wedding, and is still dissatisfied with it. After Grant kills the Time Reaper, the Time Rift closes and he returns in Valachia, where he continues to help people rebuild their towns after the battle against Dracula. It is also said that people don't remember him as a Vampire killer, like Trevor, but as the man who rebuilt Valachia. Despite being one of the most drastically changed designs in Judgment, his personality was kept mainly intact.

Grant's theme in Castlevania Judgment is Clockwork.

Game textEdit

  • Trailer Short Description: The most agile man in Vallachia.
  • From Judgment Manual
    Danasty is a rogue from Valachia with a strong sense of justice. He helped Trevor defeat Dracula and then worked to rebuild the town. He sees Trevor as an older brother.
  • From Press Release
    Grant Danasty used to live as a noble thief (much like Robin Hood) all the while aspiring to become a vampire hunter like Trevor. As the most agile man in Transylvania, Grant Danasty joined forces with Trevor to defeat Dracula. Since overpowering Dracula, Grant Danasty has become a true champion of good, devoting his time to restoring the town to the days before Dracula’s rule.
  • Opening
    Light of foot and lighter of spirit, Grant Danasty was nevertheless Wallachia's staunchest defender. He once partnered with a vampire hunter of House Belmont to face down the mighty Dracula. Upon Dracula's defeat, Grant devoted himself to rebuilding the towns and villages the vampire's demons had razed. One day, a year later, Grant awoke from a strange vertigo to find himself in an unfamiliar place...
  • Ending
    Thus the rift in time was mended, and all were returned to their respective eras. Grant once again threw himself body and soul into the revival of the ruined towns. The scars Dracula had left on his land rand so deep, Grant would devote his entire life to healing them. In time, Grant would no longer be known as a vampire hunter, but instead be remembered as the hero who rebuilt Wallachia.


Aeon First Fight

  • Aeon: Right on time. Welcome to the time rift.
  • Grant: Time what? The hell you talkin' about?
  • Aeon: This is where you'll find what you desire. But first, there are many trials you must pass.
  • Grant: Desire... Sounds like I ain't gotta choice.
  • Aeon: My name is Aeon. Shall we begin the first trial? (fight begins)
  • Aeon (if lost): You must be stronger to find what you seek.
  • Aeon (if won): The road is now open. Search for that which you long for.

Golem Fight

  • Grant: Friend or foe?!
  • Golem: Me not enemy.
  • Grant: Fine with me... Hey, big man... ever been in love?
  • Golem: Love? What love? Love tasty?
  • Grant: Love ain't a snack, genius! Here, why don't I show you. Come on. (fight begins)
  • Golem (if lost): Love is fighting? Then me understand love.
  • Grant (if won): Yep, love is war, pal... If only I'd fought for her...

Sypha Fight

  • Grant: Sypha?!
  • Sypha: Who are you?
  • Grant: Ah... so you're from a time before you met me or Trevor...
  • Sypha: What are you mumbling about? Who are you?
  • Grant: All right, you ready for this? I'm your future husband.
  • Sypha: D-don't be ridiculous! I-I'll see you prove it then! (fight begins)
  • Sypha (if lost): If that's the extent of your power, I would never choose you.
  • Grant (if won): I'm sorry, Sypha... I shouldn't have lied.

Trevor Fight

  • Grant: Trevor?
  • Trevor: Grant, it's been too long! Sypha and I sorely missed you at our wedding.
  • Grant: Sorry, old friend. But to see her wed to another...
  • Trevor: So... that's the way of it... You judge yourself more deserving of her than I. Prove it then! (fight begins)
  • Trevor (if lost): Enough? Stand if your blood still boils, else this matter is settled.
  • Grant (if won): I hope you make Sypha happy. I truly mean that... finally.

Aeon Second Fight

  • Aeon: Right on time. You must be the chosen one.
  • Grant: Well, besides having my heart ripped out, guess I did all right.
  • Aeon: Time heals all wounds. However, the hour of our escape approaches.
  • Grant: Yeah? All right then. What do I gotta do?
  • Aeon: We have just gained access to the door leading to our enemy.
  • Grant: Okay, yeah...?
  • Aeon: Which leads to our final dilemma... The door will allow only a single being to enter.
  • Grant: So who fights and who stays? Either way's fine with me.
  • Aeon: Excellent. Then we shall decide by combat.
  • Aeon (if lost): You are not the one. Then I must go myself...
  • Grant (if won): Well, guess that settles that...

Time Reaper Fight

  • Time Reaper: I come from ten thousand years hence.
  • Grant: Time to take care of business.

Shanoa Story Mode

  • Shanoa: Such agility... You're no ordinary man.
  • Grant: Noticed that, did ya? I'm the guy who trounced Dracula. Name's Grant Danasty.
  • Shanoa: You defeated Dracula? Then I request a match with you.
  • Grant: Whoa whoa now, listen. I mean, I had a little help from my friend Trevor...
  • Shanoa: I wish to measure my strength. Come, let's begin. (battle begins)
  • Grant (if Grant won): And I guess that's that. You can get an autograph later.
  • Shanoa (if Shanoa won): Surely Dracula is not so easily defeated...

Simon Story Mode

  • Grant: My old friend's whip... That the Vampire Killer?
  • Simon: Are you Grant Danasty?
  • Grant: Oh, you know who I am... Musta got pretty famous, eh?
  • Simon: Has Trevor come here as well?
  • Grant: Aw, what! So it's him you're after. I ain't tellin' you nothin'!
  • Simon: You will not stand in my way. (battle begins)
  • Grant (if Grant won): Heh, Trevor you ain't.
  • Simon (if Simon won): Trevor is here... I can feel it...


  • When picked for battle: "Good choice, if I do say so myself."
  • When picked for battle: "So, who's gonna be?"
  • When picked for battle: "My blades don't miss."
  • Before battle: "You ain't seen one quick as me before."
  • Before battle: "Right, you ready to see my specialty?"
  • Before battle vs. Evil: "Ugly freak! Good thing my blades don't discriminate."
  • During most powerful attack: "I'm done playing around." "Accept your fate." "GO!!" "....It's done."
  • After battle: "Whattaya think? Like what you see, eh?"
  • After battle: "So slooow. That moss I see growing on you?"
  • After battle: "Your kind make me sick. You get no mercy."
  • After battle, versus himself: "Handsome fella! Not much of a fighter, though..."

Vs. Alucard

  • Grant (before fight): "Heh, you ain't changed at all.. I'll put some color on those pale cheeks of yours."
  • Alucard (before fight): "Though once we were comrades, I will not hold back."
  • Alucard (before fight): "I will do what I must to those who stand in my way."
  • Grant (if won): "I saw that! You frowned. Saw it with my own eyes!"
  • Alucard (if won): "Your skills are not what they were."

Vs. Sypha

  • Grant (before fight): "Ah, finally a chance to show my style and wit."
  • Grant (if won): "Don't be sad, sweets. You ain't the first to fall for me."

Vs. Trevor

  • Grant (before fight): "This time, I ain't gonna make it so easy for ya."
  • Trevor (before fight): "It's been many moons since our last match. Come."
  • Grant (if won): "Holding back? Don't do me any favors."
  • Trevor (if won): "What has happened to you? Your skills have dulled."

Vs. Simon

  • Grant (before fight): "The whip of my old friend? This will not stand."
  • Simon (before fight): "One of the legendary three warriors... A worthy adversary indeed."
  • Grant (if won): "That whip suits one man only... and you ain't him."
  • Simon (if won): "To prove myself a true Belmont, even legends must fall before me."

Vs. Dracula

  • Grant (before fight): "I may be scared spitless, but... I can do this. ...I think."

Vs. Another Grant

  • Grant (before fight): "Funny, I don't remember having a twin."
  • Grant (before fight): "Some twisted joke? I ain't laughin'."
  • Grant (if won): "Handsome fella. Not much of a fighter, though."

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