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For the original timeline enemy, see Grave Digger.

The Gravedigger is a boss in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. He is the guardian of the Crematory Oven located at the end of the Land of the Dead.


The Gravedigger is the fifth-to-last boss encountered in the game, at the end of the Crematory Oven. He is an important servant to the Necromancers, as he is tasked on bringing them their supply of undead by getting corpses into the crematory using his giant shovel. He also commands the corpses of the dead, as he summons these during battle.

Before he is fought, he raises a door to prevent Gabriel from reaching him while Creeping Corpses sprout out from the ground, which then jump inside of some coffins scattered around the area and attack. After they have been dealt with, the door is lowered and Gabriel can proceed to confront the Gravedigger himself.

When defeated, he falls down a chasm and attempts to bring Gabriel down with him with his tentacles, although he fails in doing so and ultimately plummets to his doom.


61-hud boss gravedigger.png

The Gravedigger is very tall, appears to be partially made of stone, and wears a strange helmet over his head that can open and release a set of four tentacles. Whether or not these tentacles actually are his head or simply extruded from it is unclear.

Enemy Data

GraveDigger Pose A 01 Compo s-1-.jpg
Name Size Difficulty Chapter
Gravedigger Big Low Chapter 10: Crematory Oven
Silver Dagger Explosive Dagger Holy Water Flasks Divine Shield
Strong Weak Weak -
Fairy Light Fairy Dark Crystal
Strong - Weak
"The Necromancers had to keep a constant supply of corpses in order to build their army of the undead.(...)"



  • The Gravedigger bares some resemblance to Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, as both are very muscular and physically powerful, both carry large blades (Pyramid Head a Great Knife and the Gravedigger a spear-like shovel), and both wear bizarre-looking helmets that house tentacles. Both games are published by Konami.

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