Gravedorcus (グラベドルカス) appears in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia's Oblivion Ridge, as the game's seventh boss. It is a monster that tracks its prey through vibrations in the earth.


Gravedorcus is a gigantic, fish-type monster described as a sand dragon with a giant dorsal fin that swims around in sand. Its attacks consist in breathing poison, expelling several exploding spores, and trying to ram Shanoa.

It also spawns two platforms for her to stand on and (somewhat) safely attack it. Gravedorcus will eventually break both of them to clear space and ram Shanoa down by jumping out of the sand. This will make it hit the wall on the other side, though, allowing her to attack it until it manages to burrow back down into the sand.


Gravedorcus is weak against Strike and Ice attacks. Combine the Vol Macir and Vol Grando glyphs for devastating results. It is also advisable to prepare a Glyph Sleeve slot with Vol Macir in both arms and Vis Fio on the back for continuous and increased damage.

The main problem in this fight is being caught in a compromised spot at unfavorable moments, as Gravedorcus has many different attacks that can take the player by surprise. Perhaps the overall best spot to stand on throughout the fight is to the right of the right platform, in which case Gravedorcus will either attack by spinning out its dorsal fin from the left side, or peeking out its head from the right.

If it performs the fin attack, then move a bit to the right and attack it as it passes by. If it peeks its head out, beware as it can either breathe a poisonous cloud or spew several exploding spores throughout the arena; conserve a medium distance and react accordingly. If it unleashes its poison breath, evade quickly to the left. If it starts lunging the spores, then start attacking the monster to do both, damage it and destroy most of the spores as they appear. Once Gravedorcus burrows back into the sand, make a priority to destroy the remaining spores as they will keep rolling from side to side as the fight goes on, causing heavy collateral damage. The spores are weak to Strike damage and a single Vol Macir hit should destroy them.

If Shanoa is standing on a platform and the sand beneath her starts to rise, quickly move away as Gravedorcus will lift it up to the ceiling, dealing damage with its limb.

At one point, both platforms will crumble and the earth will start shaking, foretelling a ram attack. Quickly move toward either side of the screen and crouch. Gravedorcus will appear from the other side and ram forward, performing a big leap at the end; slide below it and attack it as it is attempting to sink back in the sand. A continuous, dual-wielded Vol Macir barrage with Vis Fio activated will inflict a devastating amount of damage to the creature.

Enemy DataEdit

114 Gravedorcus グラベドルカス Gurabedorukasu 3,600 70
Tolerance Weakness
- Strike, Ice
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Oblivion Ridge Gravedo Medal - 3,000 70
Description "A monster that tracks its prey through vibrations in the earth."

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Gravedorcus
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Medal OoE Icon Gravedo Medal (jpn) - Order of Ecclesia [edit]
Medal awarded for defeating the sand dragon, Gravedorcus. Item (Boss Medal)
Sell: (cannot be sold)  Drop: Gravedorcus
Conditions: Defeat Gravedorcus without taking damage. 


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