For the original timeline enemy, see Gremlin.

The Gremlin is an enemy in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. They are small, winged imps, famous for causing havoc wherever they go.


Gremlins travel in large groups, infesting buildings until the occupants either escape in fear or die. They are able to breath fire, an ability inherited from their demon ancestors, although their small bodies cannot withstand too much punishment. They are very volatile and tend to explode if hit hard enough.

Gremlin guano, although disgusting, was a substance extremely valuable to Aghartian culture. It is flammable and burns slowly, but with a very hot bluish flame. These characteristics made it a good energy source and so it was commonly used during the first age of the mythical city, at least until replaced by the more powerful Dark Crystals.

Gabriel first encounters Gremlins when he enters the Dark Dungeon in the city of Agharta. He learns that the blue flames that light up as he traverses the passages are fueled by Gremlin guano. One comes out from a hole swinging from a rope with fire at the end, before backing off and flying back, and then is joined by many more. While fighting another swarm of Gremlins, the Black Knight Golem grabs one out of the air and smashes it in his fist. Gabriel later encounters Gremlins in the Land of the Vampires inside the Bernhard family castle, and then later in the Land of the Dead in a few locations.


Gremlins are relatively easy. They can be killed either by hitting them a few times with the Combat Cross (since they are flying enemies, aerial-based attacks work the best when they are higher in the air), or grabbing them and initiating a timed event, in which case Gabriel grabs one, forces his fist into its stomach and then lets it go; the gremlin then flutters off and explodes after a short period of time or if hit with the whip. If Gabriel is too close, he will be hit by the blast. Sometimes, an exploding gremlin may damage other gremlins or enemies nearby when they explode. Kill them quickly and they will not have a chance to use some of their more devastating attacks.

Dark Dungeon Trial

The trial for the Dark Dungeon involves fighting Gremlins without using the whip grab skill. It is a fairy easy task, just be careful when searching for fallen knights or when using keys if they are around. Clear them first.

Enemy Data

LoS Gremlin
Name Size Difficulty Chapter
Gremlin Small Low Chapter 2: Dark Dungeon, Chapter 5: Abbey Library, Chapter 5: Abbey Tower, Chapter 8: Outer Wall
Silver Dagger Explosive Dagger Holy Water Flasks Divine Shield
Weak - Weak -
Fairy Light Fairy Dark Crystal
Strong Weak Weak
"Gremlins are small, winged imps, famous for causing havoc wherever they go.(...)"


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