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The Grimoire (呪われた本 Norowareta Hon?, lit. "Cursed Book") is a cursed magic book in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair which contains a manifestation of Dracula's Castle in it.

In the Grimoire lies the history of every event of Castlevania. However, in the pages, the castle comes to life. Fortunately, so do the heroes who destroyed the castle in various times, now come to erase Castlevania from the pages of the unholy tome once and for all.

In-game help textEdit

Your ultimate goal in this game is to destroy Castlevania, a ghoulish citadel which has manifested itself within the pages of the cursed Grimoire. Within each chapter lies a twisted reimagining of one of the castle's prior incarnations, guarded by a boss symbolizing that particular area. Defeat the boss and open the chest that appears to unlock a new chapter. Completed chapters can be revisited at any time.
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