The fourth chapter of Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. It takes place inside a grimoire recording the events of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The locations are based on the Underground Caverns, Abandoned Pit to the Catacomb, and Catacombs.


Crystal Drop: A partially flooded subterranean cavern. The music for this section is Crystal Teardrop.

The Road to Hell: Deeper into the caves. The music in this section is Departed Way.

Corpse Mountain: The catacombs beneath the caves. Rainbow Cemetery is the theme for this section.

All for One: A large room in the catacombs where Legion is found. Death's Ballad plays during the boss fight. After winning, the player must also battle Dark King Soma to complete the stage, and the music changes to Dance of Illusions. Legion must be fought again if the player is defeated by Soma. Unlike other boss fights in Grimoire of Souls, this second fight cannot be replayed - subsequent plays of All for One will only be a fight against Legion.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Chapter 4 Enemies(edit)
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
GoS Zombie.jpg 9. Zombie  [ edit ]
Grimoire of Souls
A relatively fresh corpse reanimated with magic. Wanders around seeking to devour the brains it no longer possesses.
GoS Legion.jpg 116. Legion  [ edit ]
Grimoire of Souls
Many become one. An accursed being shrouded in a countless number of corpses. It will dispose of those who discover its true identity and add them to its collection.Abil: Burn
That Which Writhes: 4-1
GoS Dark King Soma.png 121. Dark King Soma  [ edit ]
Grimoire of Souls
' That Which Writhes: 4-1

Item Data

Treasure chests and monsters only drop Parchment, not actual equipment.

See: Grimoire of Souls Chapter 4/Crystal Drop/Item Data
See: Grimoire of Souls Chapter 4/The Road to Hell/Item Data
See: Grimoire of Souls Chapter 4/Corpse Mountain/Item Data
Item Data: All for One Item Drops
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
GoS Enchantment Rune 1.png Enhancement Rune 1★ - Grimoire of Souls [edit]
Used to upgrade equipment. Enhancement material
Effect: Grants 100 EXP to a piece of equipment
GoS Hasta Magicae.png Hasta Magicae - Grimoire of Souls [edit]
A magical lance glyph. Its magical properties produce whirlwinds wherever it strikes. Weapon Glyph (Lance)
ATK +174, Lightning +150
GoS Gikeiki.png Gikeiki - Grimoire of Souls [edit]
Details the stormy legends of the military commander Minamoto no Yoshitsune and his followers. Weapon (Tome)
Attrib: Thunder, Clotho
ATK +172, Thunder +150
Special: Thunder Bloom I
GoS The Four Elements Fire.png The Four Elements: Fire - Grimoire of Souls [edit]
Compendium of alchemical knowledge on one of the four key elements. Weapon (Tome)
Attrib: Fire, Clotho
ATK +185, Flame +225
Special: Rapid Fire I
GoS Agni's Flame.png Agni's Flame (Fire Sword of Agni) - Grimoire of Souls [edit]
The sword of the Vedic fire god Agni. Constantly burns with an intense flame. Weapon (Sword)
Attrib: Flame, Atropos
ATK +196/5439, CRIT +0/804, Flame +300/752 (Initial/Max upgrades)
Rarity: ★★★★★
Drop: Parchment only

That Which Writhes: 3-5, 4-1

Special: Agni's Fire Blade II



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