The Guest House is a location in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. It is an area of Overlook Tower that is only accessed in the Revelations DLC.


The Guest House was a place designed by the Toy Maker, meant to entertain visitors with shows and dance. After the corruption of the Toy Maker, it became yet another one of his series of traps.

The jailers and minions have gathered here to hide Dracula's void power. Alucard must defeat the Keeper of the Void Sword to retrieve it.



  • In the stake chamber, the Vampire Killer theme is played, which was previously used in The Music Box from the first game.
  • The red bridge that is destroyed by the Keeper of the Void Sword has several faces of the Puppet Master painted on it.
  • If you look above the large head containing the entrance, you can see two Hunchbacks attempting to saw off a large bell, presumably to hinder Alucard. Keeping the camera on them for a few seconds triggers an achievement called 'Not Again...'
  • Amusingly, the elevator in the room with three dungeon keys has a sign that says 'no wolves allowed'.
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