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"Mournful that day, when from the dust shall rise guilty men to be judged."

Guilty Men to be Judged is the sixth episode of the first season, and the 6th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania: Nocturne.


While Richter learns about the Belmont legacy, Annette searches for the wisdom of her own ancestors. Edouard attempts to get through to a comrade.


Erzsebet arrives and is celebrated by the vampire public as their messiah. Edouard communicates to the other night creatures, who slowly begin to remember their former human lives as well. Juste describes to Richter how he fell from grace, and two bond over memories of Julia, but are beset by minions sent by Drolta. The battle awakens Richter's fearsome dormant magical powers. Olrox tells Mizrak his history of experiencing colonization by the conquistadors, and his one true love, a Mohican man, who he turned into a vampire, only for him to be killed by Julia. Annette communes with Cecile, who encourages her to forgive Richter and to find power in herself and her ancestors. Drolta discovers that Maria is Emmanuel's daughter.



– (Erzsebet Báthory arrived to France on her chariot)
Drolta Tzuentes: "Welcome to France, Your Magnifience. Your long and tedious journey is almost over
Erzsebet Báthory: "My sister the Moon burns brightly tonight. She's very excited, of course. Soon we will force our father, Amun-Ra, the Sun, down on his knees to grovel in the mud for mercy. But there will be no *** mercy. I will cut off his head and suck out his brains and spit them into the dust. (groans) They've always worshiped him. My father. The *** Sun. Since they crawled out of caves, mortals have adored him, because they are afraid of the dark. Soon there will be only darkness. And terror will be all they know."
Drolta Tzuentes: "For now though, Countess, the nights are short this far north. We still have a way to travel."
Erzsebet Báthory: "Yes, yes. (groans) But I'm so thirsty, Drolta.
– (The cage containing the frightened daughter of the Deputy is presented to her)
Drolta Tzuentes: "Daughter of the revolutionary deputy, A member of the Jacobin Club. Lawyer. Liked the sound of his own voice. I'm told he begged for his own life rather than hers."
Erzsebet Báthory: (Dranking the woman's blood as she whimpered in fear. Erzsebet moaned) "This is much, much sweeter. Despair" (The Deputy's daughter screams)
Juste Belmont "Evil will always win, Richter. Whatever it is, evil. And it's everywhere. It will always be stronger than us. And you can kill this or that devil. A Lord Ruthven, a Dracula, maybe even an Olrox. But there'll always be more, more and worse. And they'll murder the people you love. No one around you are safe. Evil will always win."
Mizrak: "Why was the Belmont boy so afraid of you?"
Olrox: "I lived a long time as human and vampire. But I've only really loved once. He was from a little town in Massachusetts, if you've ever heard of that. Which in those days, was a colony. But he wasn't a colonist. He was proud to be Mohican, with roots deep in the land and forest. He burned with such passion. About the world, about how the people, "the people", that's how he talked, could win this thing called freedom. Even people like him. People whose land had been stolen, I mean. Like mine was, oh, so long ago. But he fought with them, the revolutionaries. He fought with them. He almost made me believe in it too. Then Julia Belmont killed him.
Mizrak: "Because he was a vampire. And you did that to him. Did you even ask permission?"
Olrox: (Quickly walk toward to Mizrak) "I was in love with him. I wanted him to be with me forever.
Mizrak: "And is that what you have planned for me?"
Olrox: "Of course not, Mizrak. I'm not in love with you."
Richter Belmont: (After regaining his ability to use magic) "There's something you forgot about Belmonts. Stupid of me, I'd forgotten it too."



  • A symphonic rock orchestral rendition of "Divine Bloodlines" can heard around the climax of the episode when Richter unlock his ability to use his magic again to fight off Nikolai and the other vampires along with the help of his grandfather Juste.
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