The Gurkha Master is an enemy in the Castlevania series. He is one of the Giant brothers; an armored warrior who wields a gurkha knife.


The Gurkhas are the soldiers of Nepali nationality, recruited by several countries and war zones around the world. The name may be traced to the medieval Hindu warrior-saint, Guru Gorakhnath, who has a historic shrine in Gorkha.

Ethnically, Gurung, Chhetri, Thakuri, and Magar mainly were the Gorkha tribes who united erstwhile Gorkha kingdom and fought against the British invasions. There is no ethnicity-based restriction to join.

Gurkhas are closely associated with the khukuri, a forward-curving Nepalese knife, and have a well known reputation for fearless military prowess.


The Gurkha Master is one of the Giant brothers, a tall and thin armored knight who wields a gurkha knife. He either attacks by throwing the knife swirling forward, which then returns to him like a boomerang, or by lunging with the blade extended.


No. Name JPN Level HP
84 Gurkha Gurkha Master 21 420
Strong Immune Weak Absorb EXP
- - - - 120
Location Drop Guard
Black Marble Gallery, Entrance Combat Knife, Gold Plate -
Description "Giant brother. Wields a gurkha knife."

85 Gurkha Master 240 63
Tolerance Weakness
Flame Strike, Thunder
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Underground Labyrinth, Barracks, Arms Depot, Mechanical Tower Iron Leggings (3%) - 200 3
Description "An armored warrior with a knife of the same name."

No. Name JPN HP MP
32 Gurkha Master ??? ???
Tolerance Weakness
Ice Strike, Lightning
Chapter Drop Bind Soul
Chapter 1 - Caught in the Cradle of Decay (Hard)

Chapter 5 - Song of the Unslakable Blade
Chapter 6 - Come, Sweet Hour of Death

Boomerang (6.30%) - Red (2.80%)
Description "An armored warrior with a knife of the same name."

Item Data

Item Data: Gurkha Master
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Combat Knife Icon Combat Knife (jpn) - Symphony of the Night [edit]
Flat Combat Dagger Short Sword (Dagger)
Attrib: Cut
ATT +24
Find: Abandoned Pit to the Catacomb
Drop: Gurkha
Effect: Stab;
Special: ←→ + [Attack] for Slash
Gold Plate Icon Gold Plate (Gold Chest) - Symphony of the Night [edit]
Gold breastplate Body (Body Armor)
DEF +8
Find: Clock Tower
Drop: Blade, Gurkha, Hammer
Iron Leggings Icon Iron Leggings - Order of Ecclesia [edit]
Iron-clad shin protection. Leg Gear (Greaves)
DEF +4
Sell: 250G 
Buy: 1,000G Find: Wygol Village (Jacob's shop)
Drop: Gurkha Master
Boomerang HD Icon Boomerang - Harmony of Despair [edit]
Throwing weapon that returns to the thrower in an arc. Sub-Weapon
Consume: 10 MP  ATK +6
Rarity: *
Find: Green Chest
(Chapter 2/3/4)
Drop: Gurkha Master (6.3%)
Bullet Soul HD Icon Gurkha Master - Harmony of Despair [edit]
Throw Gurkha knives. Bullet Soul
Consume: 15 MP  ATK +9
Rarity: **
Steal: Gurkha Master (2.8%)


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