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The Handgun is a firearm which appears in the "Sorrow" games that hints at its modern setting within the Castlevania series.

Game specific information

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Combining the Mars + Black Dog DSS cards creates a slow but powerful bullet in Circle of the Moon.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

The Handgun is one of three firearms available in Aria of Sorrow. It can be found in the Underground Reservoir on either difficulty level. Unfortunately, this weapon is very weak, making it only effective against lesser enemies in theory. This weapon will halve your attack stats, although this penalty isn't displayed. However, multiple shots can be fired in quick succession, allowing for the suppression of advancing enemies at close range. Note that the handgun is one of two weapons with the shortest hit interval, although the fact that its bullet cannot pierce, making its sure hit when fired from sufficient range. A more powerful version of the Handgun, the Silver Gun, can be found on the Hard difficulty.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

The Handgun makes another appearance in Dawn of Sorrow. It can be bought at Hammer's store for $12,000 gold, although it also can be found. Like the game says, it fires 9mm rounds. It's not very powerful, but it's effective against weaker and/or ranged enemies, such as Bats, Medusa Heads or Mini Devils. Later on, the stronger Silver Gun can be bought.

Item Data

Item Data: Handgun
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Handgun - Silver Gun AoS Icon.png Handgun (jpn) - Aria of Sorrow [edit]
Uses 9mm Parabellum rounds. Weapon (Gun)
Attrib: Sword
ATK +1
Sell: $6,000 
Find: Underground Reservoir
Effect: Deals half damage
Handgun DoS Icon.png Handgun - Dawn of Sorrow [edit]
Fires 9mm rounds. Gun
Attrib: Pierce
ATK +15
Sell: $6,000 
Buy: $12,000 Find: Garden of Madness (via the Cursed Clock Tower), Hammer's shop
Effect: Shoot
Special-Rapid-Fire Burst (Double Shoot)
Handgun DoS Icon.png Handgun - Harmony of Despair [edit]
Fires 9mm rounds. Firearm (Gun)
#hands: 1
ATK +5
Sell: $3,000 
Find: 12000


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