The Heat Shade is an enemy in the Castlevania series.


The Heat Shade is a wraith who manipulates flames. She appears as a long-haired damsel wearing a long dress. Her skin, as well as her garments, are all tinted in hot red, evidencing her affinity to the aforementioned element.

She attacks by casting homing fireballs while slowly levitating around in a determined area. These begin their travel by arcing either up or down, depending on the player's location, and quickly launch toward their target, although they will lose their tracking capability shortly afterward and go on their way until they leave the screen, meaning that most of the times it will only take dodging them once before they stop being a threat.

Heat Shades are prominent in the Machine Tower and later reappear in the Observation Tower, each paired with a (more powerful) Frozen Shade. Heat shades are also found in the Audience Room and the Chapel Tower.

Enemy DataEdit

Heat Shade ヒートシェイド Hīto Sheido 80 136
ATK DEF Location
240 200 Audience Room, Machine Tower, Chapel Tower, Observation Tower
Common Drop Rare Drop
Stylish Suit (2.5%) Jupiter (2.2%)
Resistance Fire

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Heat Shade
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Stylish Suit Icon Stylish Suit (Fancy Clothes) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
You'll be popular while wearing this Body (Clothes)
DEF +40, STR +10
Drop: Skeleton Boomerang, Harpy, Heat Shade
Jupiter Jupiter - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Jupiter, god of the heavens and the leader of Olympus. Has the potential of defense. Action Card
Drop: Heat Shade (2.2%)
Effect: Creates barriers of various elements.

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