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"Hector is one of Dracula's two human generals. As a Devil Forgemaster he uses his hammer to bring creatures back from the dead."
— Hector's profile description

Hector is a major character in the Castlevania animated series, serving as one of Dracula's two human generals in his army (the other being Isaac). He is a Devil Forgemaster who uses a hammer to bring humans and animals back from the dead and to call demons from Hell into corpses; the resulting creations become newly living monsters which can be enlisted in Dracula's army, loyal to Hector's intent.

He is voiced by Theo James in the English version of the show.[1]

Character's history


Hector hates humans because of his hard childhood. As a child, he discovered an ability to reanimate dead animals, which he tried to keep as pets. For this, he was despised by both his mother and father, a selfish alchemist. Eventually, Hector burned his house to the ground with his parents inside of it. He eventually moved to Rhodes, Greece, and was later found by Dracula while he was traveling who heard about him from local scholars. Hector eventually became a Devil Forgemaster under Dracula's orders. After Lisa's death, Dracula asked for his abilities to build an army of creatures of the night.

Main events of the series

During the events of Dracula's war against humans, Carmilla gained Hector's trust and convinced him to join her coup against Dracula, pointing out that not only Dracula turned insane, but he also misled Hector about his original intentions, while really planning to destroy all humanity. Hector eventually joined Carmilla and was instrumental in the defeat of Dracula's vampire army.

However, after Dracula himself was killed, Carmilla took Hector captive while also brutally beating him up, and he had to follow her to Styria against his will, since she planned to use him for rebuilding her military power. On that march Hector suffered a lot of hardships, to the point of Carmilla even taking away his boots for herself, making Hector walk barefoot through the snow.

When they arrived to Styria, Hector was thrown in a cell, was fed spoiled food and wasn't even given any clothing. However, Carmilla's sisters from the ruling Council were critical of her treatment of Hector, pointing out that it wasn't helping his cooperation in building their army for her plans of conquest.

Lenore, their diplomat, took on herself the responsibility of making Hector cooperate with the Council. By showing him kinder treatment and social interaction she was able to gain his trust. During their conversations Lenore praised Hector for being stoic and never giving up on himself despite all his hardships. She took him on a walk at night showing Hector the panoramic view from the castle balcony, and Hector while first questioning whether she misses the daylight, admitted that the night view of the mountains under the stars is fantastic.

Eventually, Lenore managed to seduce him, practically making Hector fall in love with her while promising to run away with him. Hector proclaimed his loyalty to Lenore, which allowed her during intercourse with Hector to use a special magic bond through the rings created by the Blacksmith Magician that ensured that Hector and his night creatures had to remain loyal to Lenore and to the rest of the Council through the proxy of other rings that she gave to her sisters.

Hector was heartbroken as a result, not expecting such kind of betrayal from Lenore. Lenore, on the other hand showed some ambiguity toward their situation, hinting that she likely could also care about Hector more than just as about her job assignment.

Appearance and personality

"He's a child in a man's body; that does make him easy to lie to."
Dracula in Broken Mast

Hector's physical appearance is similar to that in Curse of Darkness, as he is wearing his Devil Forgemaster outfit. He has pale silver-gray hair cut into a bob, pale blue-green eyes and light bronze skin. After being imprisoned by Carmilla, Hector was stripped naked until presented a new, albeit ragged, set of clothes, such as a shirt, trousers and boots.

Though sweet, Hector ran afoul with the humans in his life because his gifts as a forgemaster are inherently repulsive. He is cold with those he does not trust, having a resentment toward humans due to his childhood. His mother despised him for his gifts and his father sought to use them cruelly for personal gain. Hector escaped their abuse by killing them. Since then, he has either been pushed away from or avoided interaction with humans. However, he does not wish for them all to be exterminated, hoping Dracula to have plans to cull them and keep a controlled, caged population. Ideally, humans would be treated mercifully in their caged conditions.

Deep down, Hector is a gentle soul. He started using his natural gift at forgemastery because he was sad that animals had died. Hector has a love for the dead animals that he revived using his abilities, even giving them names, and his inner warmth is often shown through the way he cares for them. Even though he has no connection or love for humans, he dislikes seeing them suffer. Hector keeps many undead pets but treats them, of all creatures, with empathy. He fails to realize how abusive most vampires are with their "pets".

It's likely that, because of his years living in isolation with forged night creatures as the only company he keeps, Hector was left guileless of the world around him. As a result, he never mentally grew as a functioning adult without anyone to morally guide him.

All Hector wants is to freely engage in his work, have fun with his pets and be respected. Unlike humans, vampires see value in Hector's knowledge and forgemastery. The vampires are his natural social group. Unfortunately for Hector, most vampires disdain humans, are cruel and see him only for his use. Worse still, vampires are physically superior, with ages of experience in manipulation. If pushed, Hector will fight back, but lacks the strength to overcome vampires. Hector is naive and easy prey for them.

Hector is intelligent, educated and gifted, although he's also very naive. He's often described as a child in a man's body, and he is called a "puppy" by Carmilla. Hector takes people at face value. He's especially vulnerable to feigned respect and empathy. Because he is unsuspected, Hector can be swayed by those who point out how he's already being deceived. By not understanding the social factors around him, Hector lacks a strong center. Because of his child-like naivety, Hector is easily manipulated by the likes of Carmilla and Lenore, realizing all too late that their plans involve abusing him.

While being naive, Hector is stoic in the face of hardships that befall him. Lenore found it nice, that even "beaten down a dozen different ways" Hector doesn't give up on himself.

Powers and abilities

"I need an army. The dead must rise and creatures of the night must be called into their corpses. These are your skills."
Dracula to Hector in Shadow Battles
  • Necromancy: Hector can bring creatures back to life from the dead. He considers these resurrected beings to be fully alive. As Hector explains to Godbrand, his revived dog Cezar is "not dead" because Forgemasters "make life from death" rather than merely raising the dead. Nevertheless, Hector is able to bring the Bishop back to partial life as a zombie.
  • Devil Forging: Hector has the power to create new creatures of the night from corpses. The eyes of his creations glow blue, as opposed to Isaac's red.
  • Skilled combatant: Hector has displayed great skill and knowledge in hand-to-hand combat, as well as great physical prowess despite having been subjected to torture, inanition and prolonged unfavorable conditions. When Lenore visited him in his cell with the intention to gain his trust and ask him to help them strengthen the Styrian army with the creatures he could forge, he was able to temporarily subdue the vampiress through his cell's bars and briefly lasted against her during the following struggle. However, Lenore was able to subdue him back by making use of her vampiric powers, although not without some effort.


Season 2

Season 2
201. War Council
202. Old Homes
203. Shadow Battles
204. Broken Mast
205. Last Spell
206. The River
207. For Love
208. End Times

Season 3

Season 3
301. Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
302. The Reparation of My Heart
303. Investigators
304. I Have a Scheme
305. A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement
306. The Good Dream
307. Worse Things Than Betrayal
308. What the Night Brings
309. The Harvest
310. Abandon All Hope


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  • Hector and Isaac initially weren't shown to be rivals in the animated series. In fact, Isaac mentioned that he had respect for him. However, as the story progressed and Hector joined Carmilla betraying Dracula, Isaac started plotting revenge against Hector.
  • Despite their origins in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, in which they excelled in the art of summoning Innocent Devils, the main occupation of both Devil Forgemasters in the animated series is to perform rituals similar to necromancy to either bring people and animals back from the dead (probably victims of previous raids) or transmogrify their corpses into creatures of the night in order to enlist them in Dracula's army. Like in the games, all forged beings are loyal to the Forgemaster's intent.
  • Hector's pet puppy, Cezar, is an homage to Sam Deats's late dog "Bunny", who passed away shortly before Season 2's production started.[2]
  • Hector's hammer resembles the Warhammer from Curse of Darkness, although smaller.[3]
  • His Japanese voice actor, Takahiro Sakurai, also voiced Jonathan Morris in the Japanese version of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.

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