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"You must understand now, Soma. They won't go down easily. We'll take the grimoire's core from them later. Retreat, and come with me."
— Hermina

Hermina M. Lecarde is a character and the false antagonist in Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. She is also revealed to be the descendant of Stella and Loretta Lecarde of the Lecarde Clan.


Hermina was a former member and chief researcher of Elgos, an organization whose main objective is to guard Dracula's sealed material possessions, as well as the grimoires that contain the history of all heroes and battles that had been held against him throughout the years. She was the one responsible for the method to enter the grimoires.

According to Seward, the head director of Elgos, one day she suffered a change of heart and destroyed her research on the grimoires, in addition to taking several of them with her, including a catalogue that documented an evil version of Soma Cruz (who had either lost to Chaos or didn't wear Mina's Talisman when he witnessed "her" death), and disappeared. In reality, she actually deduced Death's role in the founding of Elgos as part of an elaborate plot to resurrect Dracula via mirroring the grimoires, and destroyed most of them in an attempt to delay Death's plans. Additionally, she specifically stole the hero grimoires to give her an edge if she were to confront Death in person. It was also revealed that the "evil" Soma Cruz was actually meant to be the heroic Soma, but the chaos being emitted from the grimoires ended up corrupting him into Dark King Soma.

She later reappeared within the grimoires after Dark Soma attacked the group. After a short conversation, Hermina and Dark Soma retreated from the scene.

While Alucard and the gang were battling the Carmilla-possessed-Annette and Dark Soma, Hermina raided the Elgos Building, snatched all the Vital Souls, and retreated to 1797.

She was later confronted by the heroes, who had come to take the souls back. She told them to get out of her way and summoned a demon to kill them, but which the heroes ended up defeating instead. After the heroes reached the Castle Keep, she apparently had succeeded in reviving "Dracula", but to their surprise, she attempted to kill him instead, although she was knocked out by the Vampire Lord, who was later destroyed. The heroes then attempted to claim back the Vital Soul, but Dark Soma appeared at that moment and revealed that he followed Hermina's orders to recover all the Vital Souls so he could be fully awaken as the Dark King. He then absorbed the soul, even though Death intervened. After the two villains retreated, Hermina was taken back to the real world for answers.


Little is known specifically about Hermina's character, but she was perceived to be an intelligent, clever and attentive sorceress even before she changed her mind about her devotion to Elgos. She is hinted to be an opportunist, as shown during her confrontation against Genya Arikado and the rest, after they confronted the possessed Soma Cruz Replica.

Although it was believed she had turned to villainy when she resurfaced, it was later revealed she actually was trying to stop Count Dracula's resurrection and resorted to drastic measures to ensure it, because the organization she had formerly worked for was in fact formed by Death as a key part of his plans to resurrect Dracula.