Holy, also known as Light, is one of the basic elemental attributes found in Castlevania. The Vampire Killer and the Claimh Solais inflict holy damage; the Vampire Killer is especially potent against vampires (and all related to them). Dark element-based creatures are weak against this element.

Holy based attacks and weapons are very effective on the undead and demons, which makes them invaluable because they are effective on most enemies throughout the games. There are very few enemies which aren't weak to holy damage, and even less that are resistant to it. Enemies that resist holy based damage would be most hero-turned-villain bosses such as Richter Belmont, Julius Belmont, Maria Renard and Albus, as well as disguised or once-hallowed creatures like Amalaric Snipers, White Fomors or Nuculais.

Usually, holy weapons tend to glow with power (e.g.: Vampire Killer or Claimh Solais); however, some holy weapons like the Tome of Arms X don't glow at all and look like ordinary weapons.

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