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Holy Ruin is an overhead slam down with a fist imbued with holy power. Simon Belmont can perform this move after a Binding Whip attack in Castlevania Judgment. Trevor Belmont has a similar move which does not have holy power in the same game as the final attack in his Directional Combo.

Item Data[]

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Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Holy Ruin (jpn) - Judgment
  Move (Finisher Combo Attack) - Simon
(a downward slamming punch) Sequence: (After a Binding Whip) Special + Normal Attack
Trevor's Directional Combo Attack 2 - Judgment
  Move (Normal Combo Attack - Directional) - Trevor
(an overhead Fist attack) Sequence: (After Trevor's Directional Attack and Trevor's Directional Combo Attack 1) Normal Attack



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