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Holy Water Flasks are holy water containers in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. They are a relic discovered by the abbot of Wygol Village, Vincent Dorin. Despite its power being the only thing which could save the village's people, the then-insane abbot holed himself up in his abbey and hid the power away for himself. After traversing through the abbey's traps, Gabriel takes the water flask away from him, leaving him to perish by the hands of vampires.

The holy water flasks are thrown at enemies and creates a shockwave which damages nearby foes. They are particularly effective against vampires, instantly stunning any of them nearby for a quick-time event kill.

Item Data

Item Data: Holy Water Flasks
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Holy Water Flasks Icon Holy Water Flasks - Lords of Shadow [edit]
At first glance, these flasks appear to be empty. However, when opened, there will always be a few drops of blessed water at the bottom. These are the endless tears of the fourteen holy helpers. They can be used to sanctify water, which, in turn, serves as an excellent weapon against creatures of the night. The bottle explodes with holy flame upon impact, which are devastating to Vampires! Gabriel  First Obtained: Abbey Tower
Holy Water Flasks - Lords of Shadow [edit]
With the Holy Water Flask selected, press [Secondary Weapon Attack] to throw one at the nearest enemy. Using this weapon while airborne will throw it directly downwards. Holy Water is particularly devestating against Vampires and the Undead. Skill (Secondary Weapon)
First Obtained: When Holy Water Flask obtained
Sequence: [Secondary Weapon Attack] (when Holy Water Flask selected)
Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield - Lords of Shadow [edit]
With Light Magic active, throwing a Holy Water Flask will create a magical barrier around you, which can deflect many enemy attacks, while still allowing you to move and fight normally. Skill (Secondary Weapon)
First Obtained: When Holy Water Flash obtained
Sequence: [Secondary Weapon Attack] (with Holy Water Flask selected and Light Magic active)


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