"Nathan's rival and the son of Morris, Master Vampire Hunter. He is bitter that Nathan, who he believes is the weaker of the two, was chosen as his father's successor."
— Description

Hugh Baldwin (ヒュー・ボールドウィン Hyū Bōrudouin?) is a character appearing in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. He is the son Morris Baldwin and training partner of Nathan Graves. Due to his status as the son of a veteran vampire hunter, he assumed that none other than him should be Morris's successor, and therefore, receive the legendary Hunter Whip, dismissing Nathan for, according to him, being too weak to fight alongside him. However, when it was Nathan the one who was granted such honor instead, he grew jealous and developed feelings of resentment toward him, which Dracula then took advantage of to turn him to his side.

Character's history

Near the end of the game, Hugh is unwillingly turned to Dracula's side. He is the second-to-last boss and challenges Nathan to a final duel. However, Nathan is able to successfully defeat him and bring him back to his senses. When Nathan decides to enter a portal to another dimension to go after Dracula, Hugh takes the opportunity to rescue his father and takes him to safety.

Boss battle

As a boss, Hugh attacks mainly with his sword. He can also use the Crucifix, the Knife, the Axe and the Holy Water, which all act exactly the same as Nathan's versions of these sub-weapons. He has a dash attack in which he holds out his sword, as well as an attack in which he stabs his sword into the ground, unleashing two giant flames in front of and behind him. Finally, he can surround his sword in white flames of massive size and swing it downward.

After he has lost enough health, Hugh will begin to flash red, likely indicating that he has activated DSS mode (or a similar power). In this mode, he now tosses two sub-weapons in one throw, making them harder to dodge. He also gains the ability to release eight destroyable spirit swords, which, if they make contact with Nathan, steal 8 HP and transfer them to him.

Enemy Data

Hugh ヒュー 1,400 120,000
ATK DEF Location
570 750 Observation Tower
Common Drop Rare Drop
Guards: Last Key -
Resistance Light

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